Love is in the Air

Love is in the Air

Staff writers; Jordan N. and James S.

holding hands

It was a chilly and cold February. I looked at the calender, and I nearly fainted. The day marked the 14th of February. I just couldn’t get her out of my mind. Every time she walks by, I start day dreaming.

My name is Jonathan. It was Valentine’s Day and I am worried that I will stay friends with the girl I like. The friend-zone is a terrible place. Especially with Gracie.

At home I was making Valentine cards for everyone. When I made Gracie’s card, I put on hearts and stickers. Ironically, I forgot to put my name on her card. It’s dumb luck that Gracie likes to find out who her ‘secret admirer’ is. Point being, I often accidentally do something right, and mess something up when I try to do something good. When I walk into the kitchen to eat my breakfast, I notice that my cellphone was on the counter. It was on.“Someone called you this morning.” says Mom. I wondered who called me. I was getting curious. Wait! What if it was her?

Well, I wasn’t about to stick around to find out. I grabbed my stuff and quickly left.  The bus arrived and I walked on the bus. I found a empty seat. I glanced up a bit and saw Gracie. She was on her phone, as usual. I wonder if she will ever find something better to do. Texting is very addicting in my grade. It is like you are in a different world once you press that first button. The bus arrived at school. People were still on their phones while walking. Dangerous, huh? I remember when a car almost hit a crowd of kids when they were on their phones doing nothing but texting. At least I don’t get a phone till I turn 13.

As I enter the building I see someone getting stuffed into a locker. Nothing unusual here. Suddenly, I feel the need to stop the bully from this inhuman act. I walk up to him and say,“Hey kid, knock that off. It’s the 14th, so show some love, will ya?” Gracie sees me do this, which is very ironic, since I always mess things up when she’s around. The bully just grins and walks backwards into a mop water container. Gracie starts laughing, and so do I. Man that moment was so awkward. I almost died of embarrassment because of it. The bell rang, and we ran to our first period.

“Okay class.” says Mrs. Redwood. “Time to pass out valentine cards to your fellow students.” I nearly explode. I forgot my cards in my locker! I raised my hand. “Um, excuse me, can I get my Valentine cards?” I said nervously. “I’m sorry, but you need to be more responsible,” Mrs. Redwood said. Well, at least the world isn’t ending. I still have 5th period to give it to her. What a relief.

Finally it was lunch, and the first thing I did was get my Valentine card for Gracie. I ate my lunch, waited till the bell rang, and went to class. There she was. I walked up to her. I didn’t know what to do. If I give it to her, then she will know I like her. I panicked a little. I was just standing there, looking like a fool. I handed it to her quickly and walked away going inside the class. Many thoughts filled my head. I couldn’t concentrate on Social Studies, not that I cared, but it was better than what I’m experiencing now.

What will happen when she finds out I have feelings for her?  I looked at her, and she glanced at me. It was a long period. I didn’t really get what the Egyptians even did in their life. I walked out of class and saw that Gracie was talking to her friends. I froze when she looked at me. She started walking towards me, and I started choking. I didn’t know what I was going to do, so I just quickly walked over to my next class.

I was exhausted after the emotions I have gone through, but then I realized that my last period is P.E.  When will this pain ever end? Running and more running. It seemed as if I was going to faint. I was finally finished my mile. I was catching my breath as soon as everything was dark. Everything was very faint, like if I was going to sleep.

I opened my eyes and find myself in my bed. I hear scared voices outside of my room. My parents must be worried. I walked out of my room. Next thing you know it, my parents start running at me giving me the tightest hug. “We were so worried,” said mom in relief. Well, I’m fine now, but what happened?

“You see, you fainted during P.E.,” my dad said. I couldn’t believe it. I never faint from exhaustion before. I guess today was very stressful with all the valentine cards, but not only that, I still don’t know what Gracie was trying to say about my card. I just wish I could read people’s minds. But that’s not how we were made, but I still remember as a young kid how I’d wish I could just somehow know what my mom and dad is thinking. It started when I was five. All these thoughts would fill my head. Not my thoughts, but other people’s thoughts. I wondered if I still could do that now, with Gracie. Anyway, I needed to rest. If only I knew…knew how she felt about me.

The next day is Saturday. Ahh. Finally, it’s the weekend. I can take a break from everything that has happened to me in the past days. I am also going to the movies, to watch a movie titled, Alone. The creator of this movie is Jason Stewart, who seems to be making a movie about kids my age.  I wonder if this movie might just help me with my social problems. As I pull up at the movie theaters I think about all the snacks in the food court. I can pig out all I want just as long as no one I know is around. I walk into the doors I see Gracie standing right in front of the ticket line to the movie I am watching. How anti-climactic. Usually my life stories aren’t this great. The only con of this is now I can’t pig out. Oh well. When I sit down, I unexpectedly sit down right next to Gracie. “Hey, aren’t you the one who gave me the valentines card with all the stickers?” I freeze. I can’t say another word, or I will ruin my chances (Like I have any). “Well, are you?” she asks.

“M-may-ay-be.” I manage to say. “Don’t we all get them on Valentine’s day?” I ask.

“Yeah, but the special one that had the fancy fonts and hearts and stuff.”

“What if I said yes?” I say.

“I don’t know.” she says.

“Then why bother ask if you don’t know what you’ll say next?” I ask.

“But are you?” she asks.

“Yes, I, I, uh, I did.” I say.

“Well, I liked the card.” she says with a smile. I’m thinking, “Man, just imagine how nice it would be to call her my girlfriend. She’s nice, smart, and honest.”

“Well, what kind of people do you like?” I ask.

“I like people that are nice, smart, and honest.” she says.

“Hey, I do too!” I say. (No, I didn’t really say this, but I wish I did.)

“I don’t like those people that play games on the courts and out on the grass. They are mean, ignorant, and liars. They curse, cheat, lie, and steal. Are you like that?” she says.

“No. I-I would never do that stuff.”

“Good, because you seem like a pretty nice guy. We should hangout more often.”

I’m thinking, “Man, I just can’t believe the words I am hearing from this woman. She thinks I am nice, smart, and honest!”

“Okay.” I say.

“Oh, and I don’t have any snacks for this movie. I knew I shouldn’t have trusted my sister to get them.”

“Hey, I can share these snacks with you.” I say.

“That would be nice.” she says.  I’m thinking,”Yes! I fulfilled her first quality: being nice.”

“Well, do you like popcorn?” I ask.

“Yes.” she says.

“Well, here. We can share this.” I get out a bag of popcorn and put it on the armrests next to us. The movie goes on. I like the movie too. It’s kind of sad. Our hands make contact when we put our hands in the bag of popcorn. I start crying in the middle of the movie.

“Don’t cry.” she says. “It’s just a movie.”

“I know. I’m just sensitive to these kinds of things.” I say.  I’m thinking, “Thank goodness Mom is waiting outside of the theaters and going to pick me up at the end of the movie. She would’ve embarrassed me.”

“Well, I think you are a really good person.” she says.

“Well-uh-um-uh thanks.” I say.

“Well, we could do this again, maybe?” she said.

“Well, we had a good time, so…” I say. “So, possibly.”

“Well, maybe we should stop starting our sentences with W words.” she said.

“Right.” I said with a smile.

The movie was over, but I wish I had more time to spend with Gracie. Suddenly, Gracie comes up to me and kisses me on the cheek and says,“See you on Monday.” I didn’t see that coming! Wow!

I feel like I’m floating on air. I can’t get over the fact that this “unexpected date” went so well. Maybe this love business is a good idea.

To be continued…


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