A Mysterious Valentine’s Day

A Mysterious Valentine’s Day

By: Alyssa M. and Hong-Tran D., Staff Writers


It was the week of Valentines Day, and I was at my locker.  I opened my locker and something strange fell to my feet. It was red and had pink hearts on it. There was also a rose attached. At that moment I froze and became terrified.  So many questions popped in my head. Who was this from? Were they watching me? How did they know this was my locker? My mind was filled with unanswered questions. What am I going to do?

After the whole incident happened I was in a state of confusion all day. I wasn’t really worried, but I was curious. Who could have sent it? I wonder if my friends just sent it as joke. I wouldn’t be surprised if they did pull this prank. They’re always playing jokes on me. I think they’re trying to get back at me because I also put a fake valentine in their lockers. It was the end of fourth period and I was on my way to the lunch area. I see my friends and asked them if they were the ones who put the valentine in my locker, but they just said no and started laughing. Even though they said no, I still had a suspicious feeling.

The next day I got to my locker as usual and once again a valentine fell to my feet.  To my surprise it was anonymous again. I shoved the valentine in the back of my locker and walked away angrily towards the girl’s bathroom. To my surprise my friends were there. As soon as I walked in they all questioned me, rapidly.  They asked why I was so mad, but I just began to walk away. The whole day went downhill from there. I failed my science test, forgot my math homework, and stepped in mud during PE.

I went home and made a list of possible suspects. At the top of my list was my group of friends. They were always doing stupid stuff like that. Next was my older brother. He’s an eighth grader and he’s probably trying to embarrass me, as usual. The last person could be someone who actually likes me. So I’m not sure yet.

The next day I went to my locker again. A paper heart falls out. Who could have sent this? People started staring. “What are you staring at?! I exclaimed.  Mind your own business! PLEASE!” I slammed my locker.

A girl suddenly came up to me and asked “Who’s that from?” I was so mad I tore it up.  Then suddenly, my brother comes out. He says,” What’s going on?” He gives me a funny look. He notices there’s a crowd and sees the torn up valentine. He then says, “ Um, I might have put that in your locker.” I am filled with anger and I feel like screaming. Then I can see he knows I’m not playing around. He says, ‘ It was only supposed to be joke. I didn’t think it would go this far.” He apologized to me and said he make it up to me by buying me a chocolate bar. I was still mad, but I was relieved that I finally found out who was sending the mystery valentine.

This is one Valentine’s Day I will never forget. All of the confusion was exhausting. Don’t worry, I’m definitely going to get him back. It’s going to be something way worse. I always had a feeling it was him.

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