Valentine’s Day Confessions

Valentine’s Day Confessions

By: Jenny C. and Lylianna L., Staff Writers


          *beep* *beep* *beep* *slam* Oh, pumpernickel. It’s today. The day, where I, Mia Stephans, will pronounce my love to him. Yep, Danny.


I get out of bed, gulping down some water. I think about how I’m going to do this crazy thing. It’s so scary, thinking about all the ways I can be rejected. Mia! You have been planning this for a month now! It’s been four years since you’ve had a crush on him! You can do this, I thought to myself.

I spent a solid 20 minutes getting my hair tamed and curled, and then another 10 minutes trying to make my teeth as white as those Colgate commercials. Ugh, the effort to making yourself pretty….I now understand the pain of beauty. Gosh, how long is it going to take me to do my make-up, hair, and figure out a decent outfit?!

I wobble into the kitchen, trying to break in the heels without killing myself. Gives me some height though, turning me from 5’2 to 5’6.

“Mmm… Do I smell some chocolate pancakes with bacon on the side right now?” I say, almost hovering to the stovetop.

“Yep, you sure are.” my mom says, eyeing my outfit. “Why are you dressed as if you are going to a party?”

“Um… I can be pretty when I want to be! Is it illegal or something?”

My mom gives me a skeptical look, questioning me. “Anyways, what are you going to do for Valentine’s Day?”

“Just go out with Dylan, shopping. That’s all.” I say, making sure I didn’t say too much. “Thanks for the pancakes and bacon though.” I savor each bite, thinking about how the day can end.

Ah, here I am, at Carmelo High, standing in front of the steps. As I walk up, my palms start sweating. Oh pumpernickel. Did I go over-the-top? What should I say? What happens if I say something so dumb that he just stares at me? What happens if I trip while walking up to him?! I should’ve picked flats.  My best friend, Dylan, ran up to me and hugged me.

“Holy jujubes! You look so pretty! I have to take a picture of you to commemorate this day!” my friend screams, looking frantically in her forever big purse to get her mint Polaroid camera. “Pose!”

“Is this really necessary? It’s embarrassing…” I say, posing.

We walk to our first period, Chorus, talking about how I’m going to confess to Danny. We have 5 more periods until we have one with him. Good thing we have the same classes together. I wouldn’t be able to wait without her!

Snack starts, and Dylan ushers me to my locker, which is conveniently next to his! Oh pumpernickel, he’s coming.

“H-h-h-hi Danny!” I say nervously.

“Hey Mia! You look, nice today.” he says. Nice? Is that good? Bad? Oh pumpernickel, I’m way too confused.

“Thanks. Um… can I ask you something?”

“Yeah, what do you need?”

“Um… I-I-I-I’ve… l-l-l-liked…” I stammer, when all of the sudden, Lyli pops out of nowhere.

“Hey Danny! I need to show you something from my locker, now!” she says to him, giving me a look over. “Go before me though, I want to talk to Mia for a sec, OK?”

“Yeah, sure. See ya Mia.” Danny says. He walks away, looking a bit confused at what just happened. Lyli turns to me, giving me this nasty smirk.

“What were you planning to do with Danny, huh?” she says to me. “Look at you, you look barely different from usual. Were you planning to ask him out or something?  Because if you did, he’d say no right off the bat.  Listen, he’s mine, and mine only, you understand- loser?”

“I’ll never know unless I try, Lyli. I’ll bet he’s gonna say yes,” I say, standing up a bit straighter.

“Well, I’ll bet he’s going to laugh in your face and walk away!” Lyli says, laughing at me.

“Let’s set a deal then, if you’re so sure. If he says yes to me, then you have to go and ask out Stewie, the hairy freshmen, on the school speaker.  On the other hand, if I don’t get accepted by Danny, I’ll be the one who has to do the punishment. Deal?”

“Deal. I’m so going to win this. Get ready to ask out Hairy Stewie, loser.” Lyli says, flicking her bright red hair and strutting to her locker. Oh god. What did I get myself into?! As I stare into my locker, I see someone running to the other hallway. Great, soon everyone will know that I stupidly challenged the Lyli Evans, queen bee of the school. Pumpernickel, I’m such an idiot.

I’m walking to 6th period in my gym clothes, getting really nervous. Should I have brought him something to get him to say yes? A thought pops up in my head about Lyli. Ugh, I absolutely hate her. She stopped me every time I tried to sit next to Danny or ask him something. At the library, she’s there; at the lunch benches, she’s there; at his locker, she’s there! I’m grateful she’s not in this class; it’s my only chance to ask him.

Dylan and I run around the field, gasping for breath, yet talking about how annoying Lyli can be, when we see Danny.

“Go! It’s your chance! Shoo!” Dylan says.

“Wait, do I look like a mess, or good?” I say, worried about my hair.

“Nope, you look amazing. Now get over there girl!” Dylan says, pushing me and slowing down. I start increasing my speed, finally catching up to him.

“Hey Danny!” I say, waving to him. He slows down just enough to catch up to me and my pace.

“Hey Mia!”

“Can I ask you something? I haven’t gotten a chance to.”

“Yeah sure, what is it?’

“Well, um…will you meet me up at our lockers at the end of the period?”

“Sure! I’ll be waiting for you. Anyways, how hard was the test for you? It was so hard.” We keep talking until it’s the end of the period. I quickly get my stuff and run to my locker. I get there earlier than I expected, so I open my locker to put some extra perfume to make me a bit less ‘after PE’. It’s been about 5 minutes, so I feel a bit anxious. Wasn’t Dylan distracting Lyli?

I turn to the corner when I see Lyli and Danny talking to each other. My heart instantly sank. My mind goes through so many insecure thoughts. I feel tears forming on my eyes, and I don’t care anymore about my make-up.

Danny turns around to see me crying, running towards me.

“Mia, you don’t understand I-”

“I get it, you like Lyli, I get it. She’s amazing and pretty, so she is your choice.” I just want this day to stop; this is too much for me.

“Mia, I like you. I’ve always liked you, ever since the first day we met. I want to go out with you.”

“R-r-really?” I sniff.

“Yep. Let’s wipe your tears.”

“OK.” I say, instantly smiling.

“OMG! I am not going to ask out Hairy Stevie!” Lyli says, stomping away.


So, I guess I’ve learned my lesson. Straight up ask your guy… and he might just say yes!

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