Ultimate NES Remix Review

Ultimate NES Remix Review

By Dustyn C., staff writer



Are old games old? Of course they are! Why not make them new again? That’s what Ultimate NES Remix does with numerous first-party games from the 80s and 90s for the famous Nintendo Entertainment System! With tons of games and challenges galore, today’s the perfect time to get this game for your 3DS (if you have one)!

The core gameplay of Ultimate NES Remix is doing small tasks from classic games from Super Mario Bros. to Excitebike. Sounds simple, right? However, the game does plenty of things to mix up how you do the tasks. You might need to play a level of Donkey Kong in the dark or play Super Mario Bros. 3 with clones around you. Whatever the game does, you need to be up for anything!

Ultimate NES Remix is fun. Simple as that. The challenges the game throws at you are always fresh and exciting. The classics the game “remixes” are all well-known, so if you’ve played some NES games or at least seen them, you’ll be right on track! Newcomers to the NES would feel right at home with the game, since Ultimate NES Remix is easy to control. The tasks you complete are short and simple in many instances, so people shouldn’t feel pressured.

However, Ultimate NES Remix is not without its flaws. The game lacks content in some areas, since some of the “remixed” games have as little as 10-13 stages! Because the short length of some games, the game could be finished in a few hours. Luckily, the game has some really good replay value.

The extra modes of the game aren’t that special, either. One mode, Speed Mario Bros., is basically Super Mario Bros. on fast forward, and another mode, Championship Mode, is just “how many challenges can you complete in a few minutes” with all the games.

Even with the lack of effort on extra modes and small amount of stages for some games, Ultimate NES Remix has enough fun to justify a $29.99 price. The game has tons of tasks to complete in its main mode, and will keep you glued to your 3DS for plenty of sessions. Because of the fun factor and challenges throughout the entire duration of the game, Ultimate NES Remix deserves an 8/10!

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