Crossy Road Review

First Crossy Road Review

By: Bryan L., staff writer



“Want to play an interested game called Crossy Road?” Be careful, just warning you -it’s super addictive!

This extraordinary game, made by Hipster Whale, is like Frogger, with a twist of its own. The new twist is that you can get characters through a prize machine that gives you characters, but you must get 100 coins. The difference between Frogger is that it doesn’t have individual levels, but it does have different environments like: day, night, desert, snow, etc., depending on what character you use. For example, the Disco Zoo brings a bunch of animals that do block you on the way, but once in a while you will get a disco ball to come out and every animal starts dancing.

What is your objective? Your objective in this game is to get a high score of any number avoiding cars, trucks, the eagle, and the water. You try to collect coins on the way while you dodge every obstacle. Need to know how to earn coins?  Well, here is the first and simple step is to collect your prize after you die once. You will get a random amount of coins.  The other way is by going in the game and looking for coins on the map and land on it to obtain it.

How do you collect characters? You can obviously collect characters from the prize machine, but the other way is when you play there may be characters on the map which you can collect if you land on it like the hipster whale, gifty, and more. Sometimes you may find them but not all the time.  And you can get the same characters over and over again,but it will say Try Again !

The graphics are pretty good because it is in HD.  I am sure that you will enjoy the graphics and be pleased with no bad lag.

There was a new update that added three new characters called the fortune chicken, xi, and Cai Shen.When you use these characters it brings you to a new biome that brings you to China.

Here is a few tips about the game because I know you want to hear about the flea. In my opinion, the flea is not the best because- first, it cannot go under the cars and second, it has a higher chance of getting hit.  My favorite character is the xi because you can see fireworks blow up and collect these New Year’s money packages are on the ground. A final tip is that you should wait until the cars are gone and calculate the amount of times you tap the screen to get across the street.

I would rate this game a 9 because you don’t get a new character every time, but it makes it more challenging, so it doesn’t get too boring unless you have all the characters.

Second CROSSY ROAD Review

                        By:Tony Z., staff writer

 Zepedacrossy road 2.0

Why did the chicken cross the road? About everyone in the world knows the answer to this cheap joke, but a game recently came out called Crossy Road made by Hipster Whale, where you play as a chicken who…um…well… crosses the road.  This game has a lot of similarities with a game called Frogger which is an arcade game released in 1981.

You play as a chicken in this game who for some reason wants to cross the road. Maybe it’s to get to the other side? Ha, ha, ha! Jokes aside, this game is fun to play. Although I did mention that this game  is a lot like the game Frogger, it also has a lot of its own unique gameplay mechanics, like for instance you get coins from playing the game and you can put these coins toward buying new characters from a winding machine, these characters are selected randomly and it cost 100 coins to get a character. You get coins by playing through the game because you can collect them when you see the coins. Also you can collect them after you die, because a free present is available which allows you to get a random number of coins and you can also watch a video to get coins too, but you usually don’t get that many coins from the video.

crossy road (1)

Another unique feature with this game is the characters. Now, with a game like this, you would expect only one playable character, but NO, there are sooo many characters to play as, I can’t even name them all(there are over 70 characters). There are animals, people, and monsters, also not to mention a new update recently came out which lets you play as Chinese New Year characters. But the cool thing is that some of these new characters can have a unique ability, like for instance the dragon can sometimes breath fire on cars. Or the celebrity makes people with cameras appear taking pictures of her. Or the Fortune chicken can set firecrackers off. Also the environments. Depending on the character, you can get different environments, like the zombie which makes the environment dark or the ghost who makes the background dark, except for him because he’s glowing. Or Frankenstein makes everything black and white. Or the koala, which make the whole place a dessert.

The graphics have sort of a Minecraft style but it looks more 3-dimensional than Minecraft. I think that the graphics fit this game perfectly. Now, the gameplay. You are supposed to cross the street without getting hit with a car. Also you have to cross lakes on logs and lily pads and sometimes, even train tracks. Your goal is to get the highest score by how much you move. The gameplay is very simple but is really fun to play and has a lot of replayability. I also can’t find many flaws with this game.

Now, lets get on with the flaws in this game. One flaw is the fact that you can sometimes get a character that you already have from the winding machine. This happened to me before. Also, not to mention the game could get repetitive if you play it for too long. This is a game that you might not play for 3 hours straight, but you play for maybe 30 minutes to have fun.

So, now the question everyone is asking, should I get this game on my mobile device? My answer is, YES. If you have a apple or android device, what are you doing right now reading this, GET IT RIGHT NOW! C’mon it’s a free game to get and it is definitely worth it because its very addicting. It also teaches us one thing. Don’t walk in the middle of the street while cars are going by without a crosswalk.


Don’t Be a “Chicken”-Get This Game!








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