The 6th Grade Spelling Bee

The Spelling Bee

By: Jordan N. and Tony Z., staff writers


S-p-e-l-l-i-n-g B-e-e. For all those who seem to have a knack for spelling correctly, it’s that nerve-racking time for the sixth grade kids to spell some words. The moment you have been waiting for, it is time for THE 2015 MAGRUDER MIDDLE SCHOOL SPELLING BEE!

This Spelling Bee is a competitive and an intense competition where kids spell the letters of words. Ms. Jaeger, Mr.Ross and DSC_0074Ms.Yung were the ones who were doing the competition. Ms. Jaeger and Mr. Ross were the ones who were saying the words. Ms. Yung was the one who was seeing if the words were correct. There were some hard words, but these people were able to get through it. This year the competition was very intense, but now I present to you the winners:



1st place

Eric G.


2nd place

DSC_0088A J H.


3rd place

Vincent M.


DSCN0953Salaidh P.


4th place

James E.


Joelle J.


Haskell M.


Sharallene T.


Justin W.


Eric’s winning word was “hospitable.” A J missed the word “vivacious.” This was in round 7. The 2nd place winners got out in round 5. The third place winners got out in round 4. The total number of contestants was 48. “It was intense and I didn’t die,” Eric said. “Everyone in the Spelling Bee did a good job, but some words were just too much to handle,” Haskell said. No matter who won or lost, everyone tried their best to spell out words and it’s not easy spelling words in front of everyone. Sometimes you just have to spell the word how it sounds. The point is, we should congratulate everyone who at least made it to the cafeteria competition.

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