Spongebob Sponge Out of Water Review

Spongebob Sponge Out of Water Review

By Eric G.; staff writer



As you all know, the new Spongebob movie is out.  People are anticipating finally seeing the group out of water, but don’t expect it to be as it was advertised.  The movie was around one hour and thirty minutes.  So, in the movie, this pirate gets a book that whatever he writes in it comes true.  Underwater, plankton tries to steal the formula using a tank/plane/giant robot and fails.  He tries to bribe him, but realizes he only has one penny left. Plankton uses a decoy and hides in the penny to get into the safe, gets out, but Spongebob catches him touch footand while he is taking it away, it disappeared.  The city thinks Spongebob teamed up with plankton, and Spongebob blows a big bubble and they float off. Because there are no Krabby patties, Bikini Bottom goes apocalyptic.


tajThey travel back in time, trying to take the formula back, but they fail. They try to go further back in time, and meet a dolphin that watches the universe.  The dolphin named Bubbles trusts Spongebob and Plankton to watch the universe while he went to the bathroom. While he is in the bathroom, Jupiter and Saturn crash into each other and explode. Bubbles realizes, and almost get killed. They go back to the apocalypse, and they try to ‘please the sandwich gods’ by sacrificing Spongebob. Mr. Krabs stops the sacrifice because he smells a Krabby patty.


They go an adventure and see that it was coming from the surface. They start walking up, but they remember… THEY CAN’T BREATHE AIR!! They turn around, but Bubbles goes to them, thanks them, and gives them the power to breathe air. They get banished to Pelican Island with a page of the magic book. They write on the page, get superpowers, and went back to get the formula. They went back with the formula, lost their powers, and everyone was happy.


Sorry to burst your bubble Spongebob, but your movie was not that good! The plot was decent, but there was so much false advertising that it was so hard to tell! The movie was too complex for kids 6 and under. I give it 6.5 out of 10.  My final suggestion- a lot of people hated this movie for good reasons. It wasn’t the worst, and I’m not stopping you from seeing it, but there are many reasons you shouldn’t.

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