The Misadventures of Sir Bike and Mr. Sweden

The Misadventures of Sir Bike and Mr. Sweden

Lylianna L.; Staff Writer


The year was 1836, Sir Bike and Mr. Sweden were arguing, as usual, during this activity. Mr. Sweden hated the walk to the bakery and Sir Bike never quite understood why. Mr. Sweden refused to talk about his loathing for the thing, but Sir Bike just wouldn’t let it go.

“I demand to know why you hate the walk!” Sir Bike yelled.

“It is none of your business Sir Bike,” Mr. Sweden quickly responded.

Sir Bike wanted to know what happened that made Mr. Sweden hate it so, but they had arrived, so he saved his questions behind clenched teeth. The door creaked open.

“Ms. Owl are you here?” They called out in unison.

“It was my turn to ask!” whined Mr. Sweden.

“You said that last week!” Sir Bike retorted.

“Here so soon? I only just started preparing your pie orders,” Ms. Owl asked as she stepped out of the kitchen in her small bakery.

Sir Bike almost instantly let his anger drift at the thought of Ms. Owl’s baking. She always had something a little extra in her cooking that made it worth the long walk here with Mr. Sweden. No other bakery could even capture the essence of what Ms. Owl did.

“Ms. Owl, didn’t you get our orders from us last week?” Mr. Sweden questioned.

“Of course I did, but you’re a day early. They will be done tomorrow,” Ms. Owl said kindly.

Sir Bike and Mr. Sweden headed for the door. “You can’t leave at this hour you’ll never make it home before dark. You’ll have to stay here, with me,” Ms. Owl reminded.

“I do apologize for any inconvenience we have caused you Ms. Owl, but I simply cannot accept,” Mr. Sweden pleaded. Ms. Owl walked over to Mr. Sweden and flicked his forehead.

“I said stay,” Ms.Owl said soundly. She just wouldn’t let the duo leave. “I can’t let you leave because you could be taken by the cold or by criminals. We wouldn’t want that now would we?”  They agreed, and so the two, Sir Bike and Mr. Sweden sat down in her small apartment above her bakery. She gave them tea and fresh bread for their troubles.

“Ms. Owl why are you being so kind to us?” Sir Bike questioned.

“I was always taught to be kind. It’s the one of the only thing my parents left me when they disappeared. I can’t stop being kind or sell this bakery because running the bakery and acting this way is now my only connection to them. I don’t want to lose that,” she quietly replied staring into her cup of tea.

“I’m sorry I asked,” Sir Bike said apologetically.

Ms. Owl was actually happy he asked, she didn’t have to carry as much of a burden being the only one that knew her parents were gone. No one noticed because the bakery was still open and Ms. Owl was still her cheery self. Nothing changed, so why would they care? It was only a baker and his wife, not someone important like the butcher or the blacksmith. Ms. Owl had been alone for a very long time. She was very young when they disappeared. She woke up one day and they were just gone. No way to know where they went, just gone and they never returned. Here she is six years later and Magnolia Owl is still here, waiting.

Sir Bike stood, setting down his tea, “How can you live like that? Not knowing what happened to them. You’re alone! No one should be alone in the world! Ever!” he almost shrieked at the end.

“Sir Bike, I’m not alone. I know that they’re out there somewhere. As long as I have hope and believe that I’m not alone, I’m not really alone,” she calmly protested.

Sir Bike understood where she was coming from, but he couldn’t let her be alone in this world. He would do everything in his power to make her experience happiness again… true euphoria. Her eyes were slowly becoming dull and he never wanted to see her with all her hope gone. Sir Bike vowed to himself he would never see that sadness in her eyes, if he could help it.

Mr. Sweden started apologizing for Sir Bike like he always has to, but Ms. Owl hardly paid any attention to him.  She was still looking at Sir Bike, waiting for what he would say. Sir Bike then broke the silence between the three, “We have to go on an adventure!”

“Now?” Mr. Sweden asked questioningly.

“Of course! We must find happiness!” Sir Bike yelled.

“Happiness is not something you find Sir Bike, it is felt,” Ms. Owl reminded.

“Fine. We’ll find something that makes us happy! We must start right away. Get ready for the time of your lives!” Sir Bike said before stepping out into the dimming sun.

“He’s as mad as a hatter,” Ms. Owl whispered to herself.

“All the best people are,” Mr. Sweden said before following his obnoxious cohort.

Ms. Owl sat for a while thinking about what Mr. Sweden said before he disappeared into the night. She had never met anyone so interesting, so amazing, so free.

She decided she would become like Sir Bike. She will stop waiting for her parents and go out into the world and find them. No more meaningless waiting. She will be somebody. The bakery was easily forgotten. She had a true purpose now and she would take it. She ran into the rising sun to find her friends.

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