College Fair at West High

College Fair at West High

By: Alyssa M. & Sunbo A., Staff Writers


College may always seem so far away, but in reality you should always start to plan for the future. That is why people save money, look into lots of great colleges, and scholarships for their children. Last Saturday at West High School, there was an incredible college fair. This was a great opportunity for middle school and high school students, to check out and gather information on colleges they wish to go to. It doesn’t hurt to start a little early.


Different students from Magruder attended the college fair at West High. There were several different colleges such as, UCLA, USC, Stanford, and Arizona State. These colleges provided multiple sources of information for each college. They showed you many majors, their athletic department, sororities, and certain things you need to do to get in. They also handed out many useful brochures about their college and pamphlets.


Some of the kids that went from Magruder had a few things to say about their experience and so did the school counselor, who also attended the college fair. Mrs. Barker says, “The annual college fair at West High was a huge success. There were over 80 colleges and universities that held workshops and many important topics”.one student that also went, also had something to say. Sunbo said, “This fair was a great opportunity for all ages to get started on learning about colleges.  It was a lot of fun”.


You might be thinking well why should I attend the college fair if college is so far away? The answer to this question is, you absolutely, positively should. Just because college is far away does not mean that you shouldn’t think about it. Time flies by very fast, and soon before you know it your child or children will be taking off to college. It is always a great idea to plan ahead. It is better to be early rather than to be late. So definitely plan ahead. There are also lots of websites to check out so you can start learning about collages.

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