Honorary Service Awards

Honorary Service Awards

By : Jenny C. and Joy M., Staff Writers


Did you go to Honorary Service Awards? If you did, well, great!  But if you didn’t, you missed out on this delightful night. Honorary Service Awards was held at North High, Saxon Hall at 6:30 pm. Teachers, students, and parents surrounded the entire gym and waiting to see the students and teachers up in the front. The place was so crowded that some people had to stand the entire time!

DSCN3839          The Honorary Service Awards kicked off with a small PTSA meeting. Afterwards, we gave roses and honored 2015 PTSA Honorary Service Award Recipients. They were Mr. “Ziggy”, who had graciously volunteered for us; Mrs. Peterson, the force behind the yearbook, the Mustang Message, and the founder of Robotics Club; Ms. Nunes, our amazing Assistant Principal; Mrs. Barker, our loving counselor, Mrs. Spellman, and Mrs. Banda, who has helped us out so much with our school.  Magruder students are very thankful to have them.

DSC_0440  There was a small PTSA meeting after the H.S.A. recipients. Afterwards, we announced and congratulated the students who have gotten honor roll 1st quarter, 2nd quarter, or both. They announced the 6th graders first, then the 7th graders, and finally 8th graders were announced. They each got a high five from Mr. Sheck personally.

There was a small break for all of the attendees and parents to get cupcakes, fondue, ( it was clumpy, but surprisingly delicious ), pretzels, marshmallows, strawberries, and pink and yellow punch. While that happened, they announced and gave awards to the Robotics Team, Olasunbo A., Carly P., Kennedy G., Eric G., Owen N., Orion O., Dylan F., and Jordan B.; the History Bee winners, Joel D. as the champion, Eric F. in 2nd place, Htet T. and Nicholas K. tied for 3rd place, and Annie C. in 5th place; The Spelling DSC_0494Bee winners, Eric G. as the emperor of this competition, AJ H. in 2nd place, and Vincent M. and Salaidh P. tied for 3rd place. And finishing it off, the Reflection Awards winner, the mighty Hannah J. whose entry went on to compete in the district and county levels. At the end, everyone exited the hall with smiles on their faces and a night to remember.

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