Math Counts Competition 2015

Math Counts Competition

by: Carly P. and Khanh P., Staff Writers

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The exciting and inspiring Math Counts Competition, sponsored by Northrup  Grumman, was held on Saturday, February 28, 2015. The Magruder Mustangs, went to Northrop Grumman Building S to compete with 19 other schools like Manhattan Beach, Richardson MS, Casimir MS, Wolverine Cross County, and Whitney High School.  This competition lasted until 8-2:20 and, even though we didn’t do math for this whole entire time we still had a blast.
math counts partyFirst of all, during 8-8:55 we had a team check in which Mrs. Johnson signed us in and then we put on our name tags hung out with the other teams. And then at 9:00 everyone received instructions in how the math competition and then at 9:20 we reviewed the instructions. Now it was showtime, at 9:35 the sprint round begin which you had to solve 30 problems in under 45 minutes which everyone took that, counted for the individuals score. Afterwards at 10:15, we had our morning snacks which consisted of muffins. That rejuvenated our brains; then at 10:50, the Target Rounds began. The Target Rounds were a (8) questions that you had to solve under an 8 minute time constraint.

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Secondly at 11:35, the Team Rounds began. The Team Rounds were a set of 10 questions that a group of individuals, (Christian L., Max M., Victor W., Carly P., Jordan N.,Virginia G.) and the team (Ramzy I.,Yadira L., Esther C., and Rita N) had to solve under 30 minutes. Afterwards, at 12:05, lunch started and it consisted of 4 boxes of pizza, a bottle of Coke and Sprite, chips, and cookies. Next, at 12:30, we didn’t get to do the Fun Round, unlike the other groups did on Friday due to the noise levels that they created last time. At 1:15, the Countdown Round began, where two people each from the top ten contestant from their individual scores from the Sprint Round went against each other, trying to solve problems the fastest than each other in a 45 second time lapse. The faster person went on to go to the Upper Round until there was 1 person standing, who then moved on to the State Regionals. The awards and trophies were then handed out to the top 5 contestants (Oxford, Whitney, Harvard, Manhattan Beach, and Casimir) at 2:30.

Overall this math competition was a very interesting experience even though we didn’t win. Magruder can take this experience to heart and know that even though we didn’t win, our accomplishment was having fun and making new friends who enjoy math as much as we do. The most important thing was that we had fun throughout this math competition. We, as math competitors, look forward to the next competition and will continue to work hard and enjoy math and use this experience for future references.


Once again thank you to Northrop Grumman for allowing this to all happen, to Mrs. Johnson our wonderful mentor who strives to lead our math army, and to Christian L., Max M., Victor W., Carly P., Jordan N., Virginia R., Ramzy I., Yadira L, Esther C., and Rita N. who are our brave mathletes leading and represented Magruder in this competition.

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