California Junior Scholarship Federation

College Bound? Join CJSF California Junior Scholarship Federation

by:Carly P. and Khanh P., staff writers

sealEver wanted to get a headstart in college? Well, now’s your chance, because at CJSF we volunteer, tutor, and offer service to the school and community.  The benefits include getting scholarships, and of course make new friends that enjoy school as much as you do.

First of all, The California Scholarship Federation (CSF) was started in 1921 by Charles F. Seymour, who recognizes students living in the state of California who have high standards in academics.

Members of the CSF are able to get a tuition scholarship available at universities and colleges nationwide. Regional sub-committees nominate several members as Life Members based upon character, leadership abilities and volunteer service.  Fifty students will receive $1,500 each, and five of these (one from each region of California) is awarded an additional $1000 toward their college fund.tassles

There are at least one thousand chapters located in different schools across the state. The organization continues to promote education-motivated students, encouraging them to get involved in their communities through volunteer service.

sashCSF also has a subdivision called the California Junior Scholarship Federation which awards scholarships to middle school students who also possess high standards.

Starting this program in middle school gives a person an advantage because you have the ability to start in the high school CSF your first semester, enabling you to have four full years. If you complete four years of the California Scholarship Federation then you can possibly get the scholarship, and in graduation earn the “Senior Swag.” The Senior Swag consists of tassels, graduation cap, and a medal showing that you completed the high school with all A’s and B’s.

In order to get into this program in middle school you have to get no C’s, 2 B’s at the maximum, and the rest A’s. Up for the challenge? If so, come and join. Get an application in Ms. Kim’s class, room 19, right away.

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