Blast to the Past Spirit Week

Blast to the Past Spirit Week!!

By Irene Morales and Alina Bocanegra, staff writers



Just imagine: students in their pajamas, with crazy hair, at Magruder Middle School! Believe it or not, this did happen on Tuesday- Friday, January 11-14, 2011. Why? Well because it was Spirit Week!! Tuesday was pajama and crazy hair day and a lot of students and teachers really showed their spirit on this day by wearing their pj’s and having crazy do’s. Then on Wednesday was sports day and students had on their favorite team colors and jerseys. Thursday was Mustang spirit day and all over campus you could see our school colors, royal blue and white. Friday was Blast to the Past day and students were showing their spirits by dressing up in the 50’s 60’s 70’s 80’s and 90’s styles. It was everything from poodle skirts to hippies to 80’s rock and pop like leather jackets and leg warmers. To end spirit week, there was a Winter Dance that was also Blast to the Past.

Aymen Kabir exclaimed “It was fun and exciting.” Spirit Week was a lot of fun for everyone and it was a huge success. Thank you so much Student Council, Mr. Rasmussen, and Ms. Levy for putting this together, you guys rock!!


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