Lucky or Not?

Lucky or Not?

By: Khanh P., staff writer


PAT3-1920x1200I wake up to a beautiful St. Patrick’s Day morning, the sun is shining on me, blanketing me in warmth as I arise. “Stephanie! Come down for breakfast!”

I hurry down the stairs, but unfortunately, I slip down the last few stair steps. Luckily, I didn’t get majorly hurt. My older brother came up and asked me, “Did that hurt? Did you slip on something that was ‘accidentally’ left there?”

“Luke, I can’t believe it, I could’ve been seriously hurt!” I retorted.


I sit down for breakfast, as Luke, the one who helped me slip down the stairs, joins me for breakfast. My mom made me waffles, eggs, bacon, with a bit of syrup on the side to eat. Mom then asked me, “What are you going to do today Stephanie?” I thought for a quick second, then replied “ I’m gonna stay home with you today.”

I lost my dad since I since I was two, it has been 12 years since, now, so I promised myself to spend as much time as possible with my mom. My brother added, “ I guess I will stay home at home too.” Wait, what? Why is he staying home too?


I finish my breakfast and hurry up to my room. Why does Luke want to stay home? He usually goes out with his friends on holidays. Does he want to make this an unlucky day for me? One day like this can quite possibly ruin the rest of the month for me. Gosh, this thinking is killing my head right now. I need to think of something else and relax. Right at that second, my door burst open!


“Hey! Don’t you knock!?” I screamed really loud as Luke barges in to my room. Luke replies to me, “Sorry, I just want to reassure you, I’m not going to ruin this day.” What did he just say? Did I imagine this? Luke quickly adds, “I want to spend a good day with this family today, this day has to be lucky, at least for me. I’m going to buy some ice cream, want to tag along?” Wow, this was surely unexpected, I guess he really means it. For the rest of the day, Luke buys ice cream, popcorn, and rents a good movie to enjoy with mom and I. Today was full of unexpected things. In the end, everything turned out great!

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