The Mysterious Leprechaun

The Mysterious Leprechaun

(even though leprechauns are already mysterious)

By: Tony Z.and Bryan L., staff writers


Listen, up kids and I shall tell you a story. A story about why you never see any leprechauns in person. I shall tell you about the first human to EVER meet a leprechaun. For this is the story of The Mysterious Leprechaun (even though leprechauns are already mysterious.) This story begins at a school on Saint Patrick’s Day where a young boy is reading his project aloud to the class……….

“He was a mysterious little man, one that I would never forget, one with a big hat and a cranky attitude and a bad temper. He had an orange beard and red hair, plus a four leaf clover was sticking out of that big hat of his. Also, not to mention….” the young boy named, named Harry said.

“HARRY, you’re SUPPOSED to do a report on the history of Saint Patrick’s day, not some silly made up story about a tiny midget with a big hat THAT DOES NOT EVEN EXIST!“ Miss Crab yelled furiously.

“HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” the class erupted with laughter.

“But, but…” Harry stuttered, “Leprechauns are an important part of Saint Patrick’s Day, because they……”

The class erupted with laughter, and this time it seemed that they laughed louder than before.

“Go back to your seat Harry.   Your time to read your project to class is OVER!”  his teacher yelled.

Harry sat back in his seat, knowing he just blew off this assignment with a BANG!

Later, it was time for Harry to go home.  He had stayed at school late, redoing the project that he had blown off earlier at school. It was almost dark. Harry got on his bike ready to ride home. He looked at the time. It was 5:25. His parents always tell him to come home at 5:30. Normally, the bike ride would take 10 minutes to go home, but since he stayed at school late today, he needed to make it home in five minutes. I’m gonna have to take that shortcut, he thought nervously. He approached a forest which was rolled in tape which said CAUTION in capital letters. Also, there was a sign that strictly said the words NO TRESPASSING in big, black letters. “Oh, well,” Harry thought. “I’m going to have to go through this even though it said no trespassing.”

He hurriedly rode his bike into the forest and the first thing that caught his eye was the glint of gold underneath a bush. Harry stopped to explore the gold, when he noticed a little green person hiding behind a tree with a big hat and a four leaf clover sticking out of his hat. Harry ran as fast as he can to catch the leprechaun, but missed by a millimeter. Instead, when he jumped he landed in a tunnel going straight down. At the end of the hole, he landed in a house that was 3 feet high. There were pictures of leprechauns on the wall.

Finally, the leprechaun came out of the bathroom and screamed when he saw the human in his house.

“You stinkin’ HUMAN!” the leprechaun screamed. “YOU tryin’ tah steal me gold coinz?!!”

The leprechaun ran up to Harry and kicked him in the knee. Harry held his knee in pain, hopping on one foot.

“No, I must have accidentally fell down the hole from there.” Harry said as he pointed from where he fell.

Then leprechaun said, “Oh, then you can stay if you don’t touch me gold coinz.”

“Thanks and I promise to not take any of your gold” Harry said, assuring the leprechaun. Little did the leprechaun know, Harry had his fingers crossed behind his back as he spoke.

“Also, don’t tell anyone about me, OR me gold!”  The leprechaun claimed.

“Fine.” Harry said, still with his fingers crossed behind his back.

“Wait a minute,” said the leprechaun.


The leprechaun tries to pinch Harry but luckily Harry knew how fight back, so he kicked the leprechaun so hard that he was knocked out.  Harry then took all his gold and ran out of his house. He ran as fast as he could and got out of the magical forest.  He then ran home and showed his parents all the gold that he got…

“You’re home late Harry!” You’re grounded!”


“Wait, before you ground me, check out this gold I got”


His parents were shocked and asked,         “Where did you get this, Harry?”


Harry replied,” I got it at the park…the forest…where I met a leprechaun.”


“What!? OH MY GOSH! We need to report it to the government! IMMEDIATELY!”

Harry’s parents called the authorities. They told the government officials about the situation and showed them the gold. After a day, they decided to bomb the place and they did get a lot of gold from it. But the leprechaun barely managed to escape with his life when this happened. He never was able to trust humans again. From this point on, leprechauns never showed themselves to humans ever again.

That ends this story. The lesson is, to never tell the government that make believe creatures exist, because bombing would be the ultimate result. You see, this is why humans don’t see leprechauns anymore, just because of this one boy: Harry.

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