The Annoying Leprechaun

The Annoying Leprechaun

By: Sunbo A. and Alyssa M., Staff Writer



Well, as you all know, you might have noticed my insane and horrible appearance last week. This mishap was for a very valid reason. I have been annoyed , creep-ed up on, unlucky, and much more. You might not believe what I’m going to tell you, but all of this was because of an unlucky leprechaun. St.Patrick’s Day is known for being lucky and great, but that was not my experience this holiday.

This horror story started in the morning , when I was just about to finish getting ready. As I bent down to tie my shoes there was this horrible, hideous, and disgusting green creature under my bed. The one thing that amazed me about the mysterious creature was how short and tiny it was. All of a sudden it spoke,” Hello there! Do I look familiar?” I was so shocked and scared and didn’t know what to say. Never in my thirteen years of life have I ever seen something like this. I was just sitting there with my mouth wide open and my eyes filled with curiosity and shock. Then The thing said, “Hello? I asked you a question. You humans are very rude!” After being in shock for ten minutes my mouth was finally able to work. All of the questions flew out all at once.

The thing finally said, “ Hold on there lassy, first of all I’m a leprechaun. Second of all, I’m not a normal leprechaun.”

I responded, “ I thought leprechauns aren’t real.” To my surprise the leprechaun got really angry. You could see his little face turn red. It was actually pretty funny. What he said next caused me to go into another state of shock. “Of course were real, everything is real! Do you think people just make things up! Unicorns, Cupid, Santa Claus. I just had lunch with the Easter bunny last week!”

So once the little guy cooled down I asked him what he meant by he wasn’t a “normal leprechaun”.

He said, “ Well, you know how leprechauns usually love Saint Patrick’s Day, and they’re supposed to be really lucky? Well, I’m kinda the opposite. I hate Saint Patrick’s Day and I’m unlucky.”  He continued, “Since I was a baby, I have been unlucky. I was teased a lot in rainbow school.” He proceeded to tell me that he came here because the only way his bad luck would change is if he would help a human for one week and be successful at it.

As soon as he said that I went ballistic and started screaming, “There is no way, I am letting an unlucky leprechaun control me for a whole week, you have got to be kidding me!!!!!!! And besides, you can’t come to school with me, and my parents can’t see you, no one can.”   He began to portray these big eyes, and managed a little tear.   Then he said in a sniffling voice, “Well, I guess I’ll just be leaving, looks like I’m just too unlucky.” I felt so bad and thought about it one last time, I said to myself, How bad could a leprechaun be for just a week?  But I had no idea what I was getting into.

About two days into our week I was fed up and tired of this annoying leprechaun. He had the worst habits in history. He did things like pick his nose and wipe it on my walls, spit when he talked , didn’t take showers often, and ate all the food in the house. Since he was going to be staying with me I gave him a name, which was Albert. I said “ Albert get down here and clean up this mess now!!”  Of course he didn’t listen and said, “No, clean it yourself.” At this point I was ripping my hair out.  I got blamed by my parents for a lot of things Albert has done. Like, breaking the windows, food on the floor, and breaking my bed.  My parents were starting to suspect something, so I made a decision. I decided that in order for Albert to stay here, I was going to give him a makeover and ground rules in my home.

“ Alberrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrt, get up here.”  He came up with an attitude and said “ What?”

I began to tell him that my parents were suspecting that some stranger was in the house, so I had to teach you him to be more human like and to follow rules.  I told him the basic things about living in my house and its rules. We even made plans so that my parents wouldn’t find him.  I had to admit I had a pretty fun time with Albert that night, until he broke my favorite lava lamp.

On Friday, to my surprise, Albert actually helped me out.  So, for the past few months, there has been this new blonde chick who has made my life a living pain ever since she’s come. “She is the most vermin human being on the planet and I hate her.” I told Albert.

On Friday, she decide to play a prank on me, but Albert heard the whole thing before the prank was going to be done. He managed to sneak into my backpack and come with me. They were going to pour milk on me and then raw eggs in front of the whole school, but I already knew their plan, so I tricked them in their own trap.  This was the best day of my life and it was all because of Albert. Even though he broke my lava lamp and my bed, he really helped me overcome those bullies.  Now I have no problems in school. I owe it all to Albert.

Sunday arrived and Albert was finally going to leave. I was quite happy, but a little sad at the same time.  He gave me a lot of great memories that will be hard to forget, mainly because they were so annoying. But I’ll miss him very  much. That one week felt like eternity.

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