The Lucky Poptart Catch

The Lucky Poptart Catch

By: Jordan N. & James S., staff writers


One windy day, there was three kids named Paul, Mary, and Randy. They were walking home from school. Paul was wearing green pants, Mary had a green skirt, and Randy had a green hat. As you can imagine, it was Saint Patrick’s Day.

“It says here in this book that there are Lucky Poptarts that gives you any kind of wish,” Mary said, who usually always had a book in her hands.

“Please, it’s just a myth. You don’t actually believe in that, do you?” Paul said.

“I have to agree with Paul, but it would be great. I mean, if I had a wish, I would wish for a pet dog,” Randy said.

“I would want to end world hunger,” said Mary. “Well, whatever you two want, it ain’t happening.” It seemed as if it had been just another ordinary day. All of a sudden the wind pulled rapidly. As if it was sucking all three of them into something. A vortex opened up. The three kids were sucked inside. Everything stopped, and the vortex closed.


I wake up to the color green. I see Mary and Paul still asleep on top of a patch of grass. Everywhere there was green. Cars were driving on the wrong side of the road. “What’s up with this?” I say. It seems as if I am in Ireland. Strange. This is scientifically impossible. I walk up examining everything around me. I look across seeing a green house, of course. It was very old-like. There were cobwebs on every corner of edges. “As I said, impossible. I am dreaming.” I don’t know why but I knock on the door. If I was going to have to be here for a long time, then at least I would get some answers about this place. No one answers, so I decided to walk in. Why not? This is a dream right? At least I hope it is. Anyways, as I walk in I see creepy pictures of a green elf. On a table, I see a nice little plate of salad, freshly made. I hear footsteps, so I hide.

A leprechaun shows up. Not those fake ones that are small and imaginary. A human-sized Irish-man talking to himself about, (What he calls) ‘Me pot-o-gold’. Yep. I’m dreamin’. This isn’t the first time I’ve dreamed about this kind of stuff. When I was about 5, I dreamed I had no smile. It was a long dream, because it started from when I was born, to my death. I lived a terrible life. Luckily most things in that dream didn’t happen. If it did, I wouldn’t be healthy right now.

“I.” says the leprechaun. “I smell,… Boy. Come out, come out, wherever ye is.” I make no noise. Absolutely silent. I reach into my,(what Mary calls) man-purse and bust out the dog whistle. “Ow-er-ah. Whoever is doing this-ah. I tink I goin-ah, er-um-ah lay down fer a bit.” He walks back from where he came from. Whoever does he think he is? A man in a costume, if this is real. Maybe this is real. Technically, this all is possible now that I think of it. Black holes could be created on earth, but then why would it send us to Ireland out of all places. I could have sent us to deep space. What year is it? Black holes can send a person anywhere in the universe, and any time in the universe. How did I not become noodle-ized from the gravitational pull? So many questions I have.


I wake up in patches of green grass. Paul was gone and Randy was asleep. I still had the book in my hands. Where did Paul go? Hopefully not looking for trouble. He always is. This isn’t a very bad place to land. It’s much better than the ocean. “Randy, wake up.” I say.

“Meh…” says Randy.

“Randy.” I say. “Hey, maybe something in this book will tell me where this place is.” I skimmed through the book. Ah Ha! Here we go. Legends say that there is a mythical place called Ireland. Within the greens, there are Lucky Poptarts that grant you any kind of wish you desire. There are three of them, so you must hurry. Long ago a leprechaun had made these incredible wonders. The leprechaun thought that it would be an incredible hunt to find these things. Once you find it, it’s yours. My eyes popped out. So it is true. Randy. Hope you are enjoying your sleep. That’s is about the time I start searching.


 I wake up to see Mary, and Paul are gone. “Where did they go?” I ask myself. What if I am the only one here? So many questions, and I have an answer for nothing. “Guys, are you around here?” I ask. What am I saying? Of course they‘re ‘round here, but where? I decide to look around. “ ‘Ello ‘ello ‘ello. Who’s-er ready for-eh-smack on the face?” says some figment of my imagination. Why does my imagination torture me so? Instead of looking around, I decide to stay where I am so someone will find me. I saw it in a movie once.


As I watch the angry leprechaun walk away, I make a run for it to the door. “What a creepy little house.” I say. Well, at least it isn’t real. This is a dream, is it not? I decide to go back to where I started, because, you know, it is a good idea, but before I leave, I notice that the leprechaun had left that book he was holding. I peaked through and saw it was the same one as Mary had. My eyes notice something very interesting.

It states that,”If you hold the book for 1 minute, you get sent to Ireland, but if you say, “Go Home”, you get sent back to where you came from.

So, this isn’t a dream. I need to get out of here. Oh No! It said I need to hold the book and say, Go Home, but wait, if this all isn’t a dream, then isn’t that thing about those Poptarts real too. This book is the key to it since it has all the information. I hear footsteps.

“He! Get out er here boy! That’s my book!” I ran fast out of the house and went back to the start of this place. I see a kid laying there. It was Randy! I ran up to him.

“Hey Paul!“ Looks like it was a good idea to go back to where I started.”

“Glad to see you.” says Randy. “What is this place?” asks Randy.

“I have no idea.”

“But you’re the smart one.”

“My best guess is Ireland.”

“Wasn’t Mary over here a while ago?” I ask.

“We should go find her.” Randy replies.

“She’s always running off like this.”


As I search on the wet grass, I find little bits of pop tarts spread across the entire open range. “What does this mean?” I ask myself. Could it be that I have to put all the pieces together like a puzzle? Well I might as well just look it up in this book.

For thee, whom I put the pieces together, shall have the knowledge of wishes forever.”

Aha. I knew it. I must put all of these pieces together.

“Hey, Mary don’t touch those. You don’t know where they have been.” says Paul.

“I know what I am doing. Back off man!” I say. “Please let me finish. I’m almost done.”

“Okay. Be careful.” Randy says.

Finished thee puzzled. With thy prize. Give thy wishes to thee children till death.” I say. All of a sudden, the pieces of the poptarts fused together to create some kind of sphere.

“A wishing sphere.” I say. “He who puts his hand on the sphere, shall get one wish and two others near.” I read.

“Does this mean we will all get wishes?” asks Paul.

“I don’t think I have ever heard you ask a question before.” I say.

“Well, maybe in life, I don’t have to grow up at a young age.” Paul says. “Maybe being an adult means being important and respectable, but if it takes the aspect of adventure out of life, I don’t want to grow up yet.”


As one of the three children touches the sphere, each child gets their wish. Randy with the ending of world hunger (totally stole the idea), Mary with the ability to understand any living creature, and Paul with the wish of having the ability to believe, love, and cherish.

As the days end, the curtains fall, the waves crash, the music plays, the birds sing, your ears ring, and returning journey is always made. Or maybe it was only a dream. You choose.”


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