One Piece Treasure Cruise Review

One Piece Treasure Cruise Review

By: Tony Z., staff writer


If you didn’t know already, One Piece is a classic anime/manga. The manga was released in 1997 and the anime aired in 1999. Both the anime and manga are going on today with the anime having 17 seasons! Of course numerous One Piece games were released, including a recent game for mobile devices(ios, android) called One Piece Treasure Cruise, made by Bandai Namco Games.

onepieceOne Piece Treasure Cruise play like an RPG. For the gameplay, you play as a total of 6 different characters. You tap their icon to attack an enemy and when you attack them, words fly out. When all these words go to the middle, you try to time it perfectly to tap another character, who will then do their attack and you keep on doing this until you use all 6 of your characters.

If you don’t time the attack correctly, you will miss the chance, but you must tap a character instantly after that, or your turn will be over. The attack is judged by 3 ways, good great and perfect or miss. The gameplay is simple and fun to do, because you can pull off some really cool combos. There are many characters in the game and you unlock them by getting a wanted poster while playing the game or you can get them from the tavern. You also have a ship, which you can upgrade. I have to admit, I like the gameplay.

In this game you go through the story of the One Piece series. You face the same villains and you can play as the same characters in the anime/manga. The story of course is, Luffy is a young guy who is determined to become king of the pirates. As a child, he ate the Gum-Gum fruit which gave him the power to stretch his arms and legs just like rubber. He sets off on a awesome adventure to the Grand Line, determined to gather up a crew and find the legendary treasure, called the One Piece. The story is shown through cutscenes in the game.

One Piece Treasure Cruise is an excellent game for fans of the anime or manga. The only real flaws I can find with the game is that the gameplay can sometimes be really easy to play and you you first start playing the game there are long loading screens. Because of these flaws, this game gets a 9/10.





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