Inside a Video Game

Inside a Video Game

By: Haskell M., staff writer

Cyber City (1)


It was a normal Friday, when I was waiting patiently for my mom, to come and pick  me up from school. I kept on texting her, and kept on waiting. I was watching the cars go by, one by one. Soon my mom arrived, and I ran to the car. “Hello!” I said to her gleefully. “Hi, Jackson you seem to be happier than usual today.” My mom replied. “I sure am! Its a Friday, and that means no school for 2 days!” I said. “Well let me guess… you can’t wait to get home, and play your new game, Destroyers?”. “Yeah totally cant wait, that’s like the best game my friends said.” I said. “Well, we better get home, so you don’t have a heart attack.” My mom said, as we started driving towards the house.



            When my mom pulled up in the driveway, I nearly fainted. I wanted to play Destroyers so bad! I took off my seat belt, grabbed my backpack, opened the car door, and ran to the front door. My mom got out of the car, pulled her keys out, and unlocked the door. I ran inside throwing my backpack on the floor, and running into my room, shutting the door. I sat on the floor, grabbed the controller, and turned it on. Then the console turned on. I grabbed the disc case, and looked at the front. It said Destroyers. I could hardly breathe when I saw the game. I quickly opened up the case, and took a boy playing video gameout the disc. I slid it inside the disc slot in the console, and it started to load. I was so excited, that I could hardly wait any longer. I grabbed the controller, and stared at the screen, with glee. Then a title appeared in the screen saying Destroyers, from the Deep. Then the company names, and logos showed up on the screen. Then finally… the save slots. There were three save slots. I chose the first one, and it asked me to name my character. I named him, Jackson, my name. Then after I inputed the name, and clicked enter, there was darkness, and a loud high pitched noise.



            I awoke, thinking I passed out, from being too excited, but I realized I didn’t. I woke up in a battlefield. There were men carrying these huge guns, that shoot lasers. I couldn’t believe my eyes, I just couldn’t even  move. I just sat there for a minute watching jets, men, tanks, and explosions. It was a dream. I walked around, carefully making sure I don’t get in the way. I saw some men run towards me, and grab me by the shoulders. “Hey let me go!” I yelled as I struggled. “Just keep calm and be quiet kid.” One of the soldiers told me. I looked at him for second, remembering his face on the cover of the game case. I also saw his dog tag, on his character. What was it? Oh yeah! Blake! “Well Blake.” I told the man. “Hey how do you know my name?” said Blake. “Oh I just do.” Then I was thrown into the back of a big black truck. They shut the doors, and the truck drove away. Eventually I fell asleep, I was so tired from being excited.


            I soon awoke to a very bright light, that was blinding me. The men grabbed me and pulled me out of the truck. They took me inside this big building, and plopped me on this red carpet, in front of a throne. Then a deep voice said, “Who are you?”. I replied, “I’m Jackson, and do you know how I got into here?”. “No, sorry.” The deep voice replied. I looked around, and said, “Where am I?”. “You’re in the world of Destroyers.” The deep voice replied. I started to feel scared, and confused. I didn’t know what happened when I was at home, but I must have passed out or something. I stood up, and saw a big man in a metal suit. “You know, I’ve seen aliens, kajas, and men, but never small men like you.” The deep voice said. “So you don’t know what children are?” I said. “Children? Never heard of such a thing.” The deep voice said. Wow I thought am I in my new video game Destroyers? I can’t be, I thought. That’s impossible! “Well I am a child, just to let you know, and I guess I’ll be off.” I said as I walked away. “Well goodbye.” The deep voice said.  I walked out of the big room, and as soon as I did there was a huge explosion, right to the left of me. I looked over seeing a huge hole in the building. “Were under attack.” Yelled the deep voice. Then a bunch of troops with these huge guns came  to the front of the big building, and pulled out these portable riot shields. They held them in front of themselves looking like they were going to raid. Then another huge laser came hurling towards the troop, and then an explosion. I was inside the building the whole time this happened. I looked back seeing the big guy in the metal suit, with a worried look on his face. He told me to get back, and as soon as I did, another huge laser came, and hit him. He was knocked back not very far, but then fell to the floor, moaning, and I think dying. “Come over here child.” The man said. “Take this, and go home.” The man said as he took he took his last breath. Then I saw saw men wearing red suits come inside the building holding even bigger guns. “Search the area, and kill anyone that is in your path.” One of them said. “Move!” The same one said. I then slipped out the door, with nobody noticing me. I looked at the thing he gave me. It was a small little glowing blue orb. I slipped it into my back pocket, and knew that I needed to avenge the man in the metal suit.



            I looked around the big building just seeing small tents, and campfires, but nothing else. I went inside one of the tents quietly, and saw a huge gun, like the ones they had. I grabbed it, and I felt awesome, and strong. I snuck back out of the tent, and aimed the gun at the man standing in the doorway. I then pulled the trigger, and boom, I hit him. He fell to the floor, but when I walked up to him, I didn’t see any bullet holes or anything. I was confused, but didn’t care that much.I stepped over the man’s corpse and when I did he disappeared. Did he respawn? I thought, well whatever, as I ran to go after the other guys, but they heard me running. One of them turned around, and shot at me, and missed. The other pulled out a pistol, and aimed it at my head. He shot, but missed also. It was my turn now I thought, as I quickly shot both of them. They tried to dodge, but it still the laser still hit them. I saw them moan, and fall to the ground, and felt kind of bad, at least I avenged the men who had died. I walked out of the building, and threw the gun down. Know I thought, since that is done, I need to get back home. I first took the orb out of my pocket, and raised t up in the air, but that did nothing. Hmm I thought, maybe i might have to do with his throne? I walked back inside the big building, and walked up to the throne. I saw a little gem slot, slipping it in quickly. Then a huge laser whizzed right above my head, and nearly hit me, but ended up hitting the wall. Then a huge portal opened. It was aqua blue, and big. Then tons and millions of  laser bullets came flying towards me, but I dodged them, by jumping to the side. I then ran and jumped into the portal, as it closed.



            I woke up in my gaming chair, and with the game still in the home screen. I got up and walked around, feeling dizzy, and drowsy. Then my mom came in the room, saying, “Having fun sweetie?”. “Yeah I guess.” I replied. “Ok well I’m going to run to the grocery store ok?” She said. “Yeah ok mom.” I replied. “Be back soon” She said as she shut the door. I looked around just to make sure there weren’t any lasers, or heavy guns laying around. I sat back in my gaming chair, turning off the console with my controller, and set it down. Wow I thought, what a huge ride. I soon closed my eyes thinking of the epic battle, and drifting off to sleep.



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