Phones at Recess?

Phones at Recess?

By: Eric G. and Haskell M., Staff Writers

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Should we have phones at lunchtime? Well, let’s see what the students of Magruder Middle School have to say.




DSCN1021–  “No, because they could possibly be looking up inappropriate things.” – Owen N. 6th Grader





DSCN1023– “No, because they could be cyberbullying.” – Joseph D. 6th Grader






DSCN1024– “No, because it would most likely make it harder to focus in class [after snack or lunch].” – Jordan B. 6th Grader




DSCN1026– “Yes, because it’s better entertainment for everyone.” – Dylan C. 7th Grader





DSCN1028– “Yes, because you can take pictures with your friends, and access to ReplayIt. You can also check your grades.” – Deven S. 6th Grader




DSCN1030– “Yes, because there may be important things we need to do on our phones, like call someone.” – A student who prefers to be quoted as anonymous 6th Grader






– “Yes, because we need to call our parents sometimes.” – Tony Z. 8th Grader







– “No, because people will use it to go on Instagram and Facebook. Only if its used for schoolwork.” – Cameron J. 8th Grader



DSC01465– “Yes, because every lunch recess gets boring. I’d like to listen to music, take photos, and go on Instagram.” – Amber J. 8th Grader




All of these students bring up a valid argument, and we respect each of these students quotes. Some of the students believe that there should be phone at lunch recess, for more entertainment, and so they could have a better time. Others believe there shouldn’t be phones, due to the fact that students could look up inappropriate things, and so on.  At the high schools, students can use their phones at snack and lunch, but it is the opinion of the journalism staff that due to the age group and it being during school time, it is the wisest decision to keep our current policy of no phones at recess.








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