Onizuka Space Science Day 2015

Onizuka Space Science Day 2015

                                    By: Bryan L., staff writer

“Your vision is not limited by what your eye can see, but by what your mind can imagine.” This quote is from Ellison Onizuka, one of seven crew members who died 29 years ago in the Space Shuttle Challenger accident.  Honda sponsored a Space Science Day for kids in his honor.

Did you go to the Space Science Day at El Camino College on March 7, 2015? Well if you didn’t, you missed out a big event for almost every age. It was a “once a year” chance, and it was free!  Only 900 kids were able to attend since it comes with free lunch, activities, and you would need an RSVP from online.  This annual event honored Onizuka’s memory and his dream of inspiring young people to strive to achieve their goals.

The first thing we did was enter the auditorium and meet Koichi Wakata, the guest astronaut from the National Space Center. He described to us what his crew did in space. They were mainly building inside the space center. He talked about this robotic arm they had to catch food and to handle materials for them to survive. The way they slept was pretty cool because each crew member slept in a sleeping bag that was floating. Wakata said, “It was actually very comfortable.”  They had to eat space food, but to make it edible they added water, which was made by their recycled urine. He showed us a video of him inside the spacecraft with other crew members. They demonstrated non-gravity for us by putting zantac in water and it was floating in space.

We then went to our first activity which for me was ROV. This activity was to make a remote controlled vehicle and control it in the El Camino Pool. Our creation was a success. Our team pretty much had the best ROV. Since our activity was a extra long session we got a little bored and went to lunch. The lunch was much better than the S.T.E.M. program because the food was In-N-Out, which is better than a sandwich, and it also came with a drink.

After lunch, they dropped the contestant’s egg-drop projects. Seven of the projects were not broken, but one thing for sure is that three kids from Magruder had theirs dropped, and it didn’t crack.  Those people were Bryan R., Daylon C.,and Bailey R. Daylon C. said,”It was fun.”

This annual event is held for students who love science, and next year is the 30th anniversary of the Challenger accident, so it will be a big event.  If you want to learn more about careers in science and would like to attend, look for the flyers next March.

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