The Lepre-spective

The Lepre-spective

by Lylianna L. & Jenny C.; Staff writers

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*Yawns* I smile. It’s that time of year again. Where we turn into half leprechaun, half human. It’s hereditary. It’s all because today is St. Patricks Day. I don’t really mind it. it’s that time of year Where I can be totally different from being the laid back type of person. I’m going to be able to prank people. I mean, I have to play pranks since I’m a leprechaun and all. I can’t control it. it’s kinda cool though, since I could just blame my troubles. Mom is gonna give dumb lecter about becoming trickster again like she does every year. ‘Play too many pranks bad things happen… blah blah blah.’

I brush my hair, thinking of all the people I’m pranking. I look at my usually blond hair, to see light rose colored hair. It smells just like freshly picked daisies too. I put my strawberry locks into two mini-braids, tying the two stands to the back of my head. Nice. I ignore my lonely beanie and get a nice hoodie, jeans, a t-shirt with an ironic phrase, and my combat boots.

*Crash* Great. Another failure by THE utter fail himself, Dave. I run down the stairs and see Dad already there at the crime scene to investigate the criminal, which just means he’s going to burst in a fireball and will yell at Dave, become tired, and tell Dave to clean up.

“DAVE! What did you do now!?” Dad yelled.

“Seriously Dave. You tried it again?” I said, mocking him. That clumsy nerd will try anything to make me fall, I swear.

“Um… yeah.” I slightly feel bad for him, as I normally do, but I will never show that. “I was planning to have you slip over the butter and fall… but I fell because Maggie was licking the butter and I didn’t pay attention to where I was walking. So I slipped and fell on my face.” Wow. Good job Maggie.

“Dweeb.” I leap over him I grab a PopTart. My sympathy for him vanished. People have no idea about how much energy it takes just to be in the same room for a day, much less for my entire life.

“Young man. You are grounded for a week for buttering my floor! Not to mention playing pranks on Rose. You know what time of day it is.” A silence fills up in the room, making me feel a weird aura. These are the times that my dad makes me feel guilty about pranking.

“Clean the floor, you’re going to ruin it.” I let Dave clean up by himself and I enjoy my PopTart.

Dave and I walk out to get to the bus stop. I hear snickers behind me.

“Hey tweedle dum. Move over.” Bully One said. This is starting again.

“Hey duckhead, give me your homework.” Bully 2 said. My little brother ignores them and starts planning out his pranks, as I see a tear drop.

“Hey! Don’t you ignore us nerd!” Oh god. I am feeling very sympathetic today.

“Hey dweeb-ettes. Shut up and ignore this one here. It’s annoying me.” I glare at them with my violet eyes, seeing their freaked out looks.

“Y-y-yes boss.” They both run off into the opposite direction, away from us.

“Thanks Rose.”

“Don’t say anything about what just happened, ok dweeb?”

“Ok.” He looks to the sky, his back facing me.

“Hey. If you didn’t move Maggie and fall, I would’ve fallen instead.” I feel slight good saying that. I look at Dave and he is smiling as if he won the lotto. I guess it’s a miracle for him to hear that from me. We step into the bus,  with me sitting in the front with my friends, and Dave, sitting in the front with his nerd friends. 

As I get off the bus, I glance into my backpack. Good. I haven’t forgotten anything for the pranks. I’m gonna start off with some old school pranks as a warm up, and then at the end of the day, the biggest of all.

“Rose, you ready?” I turn around to see my partner-in-crime, Vick.

“Yep. Ready for the warm-ups?”

“Let’s do this!” Vick yelled, pumping his fist in the air. I smile. This is why Vick’s my partner-in-crime. We walk to my locker, waiting for the right moment to begin the prank. I get out the bucket of water balloons, enough to  drench the teacher, and I place it on the door crevice. As I start setting up, the janitor walks passed us and winks. I wave at him, thanking him for helping us. He mouths no problem at us and continues to walk.

“All set.” I said, fist bumping Vick.

“Let’s rock!” Students surround us as the bell rings. No one really cares about the teachers being pranked. We all count down in our minds, waiting for our Geometry teacher, Mr. English. Here he comes!

“Morning class, I’ve-”

*Splash* The students and Vick and I all laughed as Mr. English gets drenched in ice cold water!

It’s so cold! H-h-help!” he yelped, shivering as if he was in a glacier.

“W-w-who d-d-did t-t-this?! Tell me!” Mr. English was starting to turn red with anger and his veins were popping out.

Teachers start emerging out of their cocoons of classes, peaking out to see what the commotion is about. Instead of being shocked and mad with Mr. English, they were laughing with the students! No one said anything about Vick and I creating the prank. At least, I hope they don’t. I walk into the classroom, laughing with everyone. We all take our seats as Mrs. Cassanova looks over our class for awhile until Mr. English “cools down” abit. He totally deserved that one though. He always gave Vick a disgusting look, as if he was a wretched bug that has beady eyes.

I notice something peculiar. The class nerd isn’t here. I have a feeling something is up. I raise my hand and ask Mrs. Cassanova if I could go to the bathroom. I stand up and sneak out of the classroom. I see the class nerd and the enraged Mr. English talking. I crouch down and listen attentively to their conversation.

“So, if I tell you who did the prank, you will give me an A for the rest of the year, even if I don’t do my projects or homework and you will give me $20?” the nerd said, cleaning his glasses. Ugh. I can’t believe Mr. English, no, that rat, would be so desperate to find the out that I pranked him.

“Yes. Now, tell me who did that horrendous prank and the deal will be sealed. Anyone that helped that awful person should be said too.” Oh no, I can’t let Vick get in trouble!

“It was Rose and Vick helped her! Now give me my prize.”

“It was those two rats. I should’ve known better. I’m going to tell the principal what happened afterwards. Here.” He shoved the money to the nerd and added,

“If you tell anyone, your grade plummet down to a D, you understand?”

“Sure.” I sneak away to make sure they didn’t know I overheard their conversation. I slide back into my seat and I sleep for the rest of the class, trying to forget what I heard.

*Ring!* I get all my stuff and walk with Vick to my next class. I told him about all the thing Mr. English did to get us in trouble.

“That skunk. Bribing that kid with money and grades.”

“I know, but we should be worrying more about what we should be saying then how to get back at Mr. English. He’s planning to tell the principal that we did a prank on him.”

“Well, don’t worry Rose. We’ll get out of this somehow.” Vick always finds a way to calm me down. I heard footsteps behind me and turn around to see a smirking Mr. English and the principal, Mr. Sanchez. He has this blank expression on his face, which makes it even harder to read it.

“Vick. Rose. Come to my office right now.” We walk to the office, synchronising our steps.

Wow. That was so surprising. I had no idea Mr. Sanchez was a leprechaun too. it just doesn’t seem like because his hair is always the rose color, saying that it’s different today is absurd! His hair covered his pointy ears and he told everyone that he had natural looking ears. He gave us each a private talk, especially to me, knowing what I am. Will people stop warning me about becoming a trickster!

“I’m guessing that you are a fellow leprechaun, Rose.”

“What are you talking about Mr. Sanchez,” I said, trying to look surprised at what he said.

“Don’t pretend Rose. I can sense people who are leprechauns. Dave is one too, I know that. He isn’t really trying that hard to hide it anyways. He told everyone that he was cosplaying as a leprechaun…” That idiot. Of course he would say that he is cosplaying. He’s such an idiot, that it wouldn’t sound like he’s making it up.

“I never knew you were a leprechaun Mr. Sanchez”

“I’ve always been a leprechaun, I always will be, since we live forever, right?” Mr. Sanchez jokes. He chuckles and gives me this warm smile. I return the smile back at him.

“I know, it’s hard to resist the urge to prank, but doing too many pranks will cause you to become a trickster. It is not fun, I assure you.” My smile falters.

“I will try to keep my pranks at a low amount sir.” I stand up and excuse myself, giving him a quick wave good-bye and walk out.

Over the next few hours, Vick and I create pranks that no one could ever forget. We pranked the cheerleaders with putting paint inside their pom-poms, so when they shake them, paint spews everywhere. That I promise was a pure classic.

Ms. Ortez, the P.E. teacher, gets a bit of, what I call, the “flip”. What Vick did was he placed some olive oil on the ground, polishing it so he wouldn’t notice the oil, and place an invisible string to the wall, so when he slips, he trips. He then would fall over and trip once again on a banana, flipping him into the ground. It surprisingly worked out well, with Ms. Ortez actually giving us a standing ovation for pranking her.

All of the other pranks were miniscule compared to those three, such as taking this fake spider and placing it on this girl’s arm while she was resting. At the end of the day though, we looked at each other and waited for our huge prank yet. This had something to do with yet again, Mr. English. We all know he has a ever-dying crush on Ms. Granser, our resident science teacher. So, we had her help us with this prank. She agreed mainly because she was so freaked at the fact that he would endlessly stare at her and follow her.

Who doesn’t find that creepy?

We got her to write this note to Mr. English saying that she would meet him up at the abandoned gym shed. We told her to write in to wear these onesies that see also sent to him. I set up the cameras everywhere while Vick connected the cameras to the school wide broadcasting T.V.

“Ready to broadcast on 3, 2, 1…” Vick counted.

“We’re on!”

We had Ms. Granser calling him and telling him these weird commands. Little did he know though, that it was all broadcasted live. The students loved it! There was no one that did not see since it was connected to every broadcasting T.V. set around the school.

Oh god. I feel bad right now. It’s as if someone punched me in the stomach. Maybe it was something I ate.

As the bell rings, we all see Mr. English blushing as he passes us. We all laugh as we see him and he looks as us all as if we are some mental group of kids. He doesn’t have a clue, does he?

Ouch! The pain is increasingly more painful than ever. Suddenly, everyone faints around me. There seems to be this death everywhere. My head is feeling as if I’m dying right now! My mind is turning blank…

“SOMEONE! ANYONE! HELP ME!” I scream, tears running everywhere on my face.

“STOP IT! STOP THE PAIN!” My mind is morphing into something else…

“What is happening here?” Mr. Sanchez said.

“Please. Help.” I kneel down and wished that this was over…

Clouds surround me as I change into something I never was. This is what a trickster was.
Screams filled the air around me as I took control of what was always meant to be mine. This is my destiny. This is my fate. My moment has arrived and this will become the rise of the new age of tricksters since they fell from power long before time, before life, during the age of the gods. I shall spread corruption and and pain throughout the land as lead my armies across the world. I am the transcendent one.

“ROSE! THIS ISN’T YOU!” a cry filled the air from that lowly human, Vick. “REMEMBER OUR PROMISE!” a promise he speaks of… what promise? “YOU SAID YOU’D NEVER LEAVE ME ALONE! YOU SAID I’D NEVER HAVE TO BE ALONE AGAIN!” WHO DOES HE THINK HE IS SPEAKING TO ME AS IF I WAS AS LOW AS HIM?!

“I-I remember…” That’s my voice, but-but it’s not my words… I’m not speaking… It’s her… She got free! This is my Earth! My new chance! I failed… I failed my only purpose…

It’s alright Dolus. You don’t have to be alone either. You can stay here, with me. I won’t leave you behind like the others. I’m in it for the long run.

But I hurt you. How could you not hate me?

We all do things we are not proud of.

You are the single greatest being I have ever met and I have met all.

We start to go back to normal. Back to what we used to be.

“Rose I thought I lost you!” Vick said while openly sobbing. “ We both would have ended up alone…” He doesn’t fully understand what just happened and I think it’s better and safer for him like that.

“Vick I’m never alone. Not anymore.”

“Are you saying you’ll always have me?”

“Not exactly.” This is going to be a long year. I agree.

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