Spring Fashion 2015

Spring Fashion

By: Alyssa M. & Sunbo A., Staff Writers

Spring is almost upon us! March 20th is when spring officially starts. So to get into the happy cheerful mood were going to show you a few outfit ideas. Most of the fashion trends this year for spring are floral and other great trends. Most of the outfits people are wearing this spring are skirts, dresses,tank tops, overalls, shorts, and much more.


At Aeropostale there is a new Bethany Mota Collection, that is absolutely beautiful for this spring, especially when it is hot. It includes lots of cute outfits and dresses to wear. This collection also incorporates a lot of bohemian print. It  includes tank tops and other shirts that are perfect for spring. For example a nice outfit if you bought it from Bethany Mota’s Collection would be a nice floral skirt, with a sheer be cool tie back crop top.One other outfit would be a nice loose fitted , spaghetti strap dress.These dresses usually consists of different patterns and designs. If you are not really a girly girl tanktops, and overalls might be a great outfit for you. Light-wash overalls with a striped crop top.


These four ideas would be great for this spring and are really easy to find online or at any local Aeropostale store. For shoes you could always got to any local store , just make sure they match with your dress or which ever outfit you choose.There are still tons of great outfits that you can check out on the Aeropostale website. http://shop.aeropostale.com/. To find these specific outfits you might want to shop online, but they usually have it at the stores as well.


Another store you may want to consider is Hollister. One outfit example is high waisted shorts, off the shoulder tee shirt, and top it off with a floral kimono.

If you’re not that girly there are other options for you. If you like the skater style some stores you may want to shop at are Vans, Zumiez, or Tilly’s. At Vans, one outfit idea is a pair of shorts, but if you wear a crop top you may want to go with high waist-ed shorts. For your top you can wear a simple vans muscle tank that has the Van’s logo. You can top it off with a pair of classic black vans.



Hopefully, these suggestions were helpful to you. A few different stores where you can get a few of these outfit ideas are Urban Outfitters, Abercrombie, Hollister, Aeropostale, and Vans.

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