Sunshine the Cat

Sunshine the Cat

By: Asia A., staff writer

catI’ve grown up with cats my whole life and learned a lot about them. Some cats have survived car wrecks, some born without limbs, and some that are just pure lucky. I’ve learned that every cat is different, and they all have their quirks and flaws, but one cat I’ve had has changed my life forever.


My first cat was named Sunshine. She was named Sunshine because she would light up my world no matter what problems I encountered. Sunshines fur was a blanket of warmth when she would sit on my lap. She was a beautiful shade of orange with white patches of fur, paired with a beautiful set of forest green eyes that were full of life. Sunshine was adopted by my mother from the Maui Humane Society when she was a baby kitten. I would always chase Sunshine around the yard until she found a safe spot to hide to avoid my dirt smothered hands. When I would finally give up the chase and go play somewhere else, she would come out of hiding and find a lap to sleep on for the rest of the day.


Our neighbor, James, always disliked cats and would sneer when he saw them, especially when he saw Sunshine. He despised cats so much, he set out a cat trap just for a certain little kitty. I was walking outside calling for Sunshine, but no orange tabby came racing out. Usually when I called her, she would come running as fast as a cheetah, but not today. After a few minutes of frantic searching, I heard Sunshine cry out for help, and it sounded very near. I looked around and finally found her stuck in a cat cage with blood oozing out of her ear. I got her out and gently cleaned her wound. Luckily it was only a slight graze. My mother and I didn’t know for sure if it was James, but we had our suspicions. A few weeks later after the incident, I heard a loud metal crash outside, followed by an even louder yowl. My mother and I ran out quickly to find Sunshine crying in pain and her hind leg twisted in a awkward position. We quickly took her to the vet to find out that her bone was broken, and needed to wear a cast for a few months. Unfortunately that wouldn’t be all the problems Sunshine would encounter in her short lifetime.


Sunshine quickly healed and went on with her life, and we were like two peas in a pod. She would always jump on my lap and insist to be petted, and would annoy me until I did. She was so friendly and didn’t refuse any attention. If you had a bad day, she was there to cheer you up. She was a constant presence, and never tried to hurt you. Sunshine was the most caring cat in the neighborhood, and I for sure knew that she would always be until the day she took her last breath.

The last day for Sunshine came sooner than expected. My mom was having a party with her friends and I was inside watching TV, when I heard everybody scream. I ran outside unsure of what I would find, and I saw a huge pit bull in our front yard carrying Sunshine away by her neck. I didn’t understand what was happening at that time, and I was soon told that the dog had killed Sunshine. I tried not to cry, but soon, there were great drops falling from my eyes; the heavy rainclouds in my mind let loose their turbulent nature. I held the one picture I had of her and cried myself to sleep that night. Later in life, my mother later told me that Sunshine was sitting in the front yard when the dog came out of the dark and bit Sunshine by the neck and instantly killed him, and what I saw was the dog carrying my best friend away. It seems weird to say that my cat was my best friend, but it was true. She was so loyal and kind, she never wanted to hurt a soul, and now she was gone forever.


Two years later after the incident, when I was 7 years old, I adopted another cat. I went to the humane society and pet every cat there. They all formed a line behind me like a mini marching band, and when I turned around, the first cat I saw was a little orange and white tabby with beautiful green eyes that looked just like Sunshine. That little tabby kept following me around, and I decided to adopt him. I named him Sunshine, because he reminded me of the first Sunshine in almost every way. He was as regal as a lion, always pretending he was the king in our house. He was 2 years old, and a cute little thing. I loved him so much, and couldn’t wait to bring him home. I still have him, and now he’s a 16 pound ball of fur, who loves to sleep and eat. I love him so dearly, and he is my best friend, but I will never forget the first Sunshine, whose personality shined all throughout her.


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