Eighth Graders Needed to Choose Journalism as an Elective

North Side Journalism Takes Off

BY: Sunbo A. and Alyssa M., Staff Writers

north high

This week the Magruder Journalism Class had an incredible opportunity to meet with North High School’s Journalism Staff. Ms. Shankle, the Journalism teacher and her students from North came to our school to speak and to educate us about different things we needed to know and be prepared for concerning journalism.  We learned lots of new things about the techniques we need to know in order for us to be successful writers for the near future.

One thing that Journalism teacher Ms. Shankle really explained to us was how they create their newspaper and how they edit. They publish their stories on paper and online. Basically their newspaper is written and designed by the journalism team, but before their paper even gets sent out it is edited by their teacher and given scoring. The story goes through the editing process at least three to four times.

One really important message they wanted to say was the need of more students in the journalism class. They currently only have five students in their class. These five students are responsible for writing all the stories about all of the events that occur at North High. It’s a big job for a small amount of students. They also share a classroom with the creative writing class. The majority of their staff are seniors. They need freshman to learn the ways of the newspaper, so they are able to train new students who are interested in joining the newspaper.  Eighth grade students should sign up next week and ask for journalism as an elective!

They also informed us about their online stories and the work that they do. They have lots of online networks like; Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, and Good Reads. They informed about each of their online accounts and how they worked. They use these accounts to advertise their newspaper and the stories they post online. Check it out online and “like” some stories! This will really help with their exposure.

Students who want a career in the journalism field should get experience in high school in order to gain admission into a journalism program.  Careers include broadcast journalism, photo journalism, advertising, marketing, graphic design, as well as writing.

Overall, it was a great experience to have the North High students come and inform us about what Journalism is like in high school. Being in a Journalism class allows for you to gain skills that you will use in everyday life. Thanks to Ms. Shankle and her team for taking time out to come and educate us on what journalism is like in high school. Hopefully, some of our current staff members will join the North High Journalism class in the future.


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