The Battle Cats Review

The Battle Cats Review

By:Bryan L., and Tony Z., staff writers

Zepeda cat game

Do you like cats? Then, you should get a game called The Battle Cats for ios, android.  The Battle Cats is a free game made by PONOS. About cats that rampage the world. There are over 30 different cats but you can only hold 10 different cats either being the basic cats, rare cats, super rare cats, uber rare cats, and special cats.

For the gameplay, you tap on a cat to deploy them in battle. The cat then goes on the other side of the map to go attack the other base and destroy it, Once you destroy a base you will get XP. XP is used in this game to upgrade things, like for instance, cats or your base upgrades. In this game, once you upgrade a cat to level 10, it evolves into another cat with a better ability/attack in battle.  Like for example, if you upgrade Bird cat to level 10 then it will turn into U.F.O Cat which shoot lasers at the enemy instead of body slamming it.

In this game, there is a lot of variety in the cats. But, it can get a little weird sometimes. Like for instance Kotatsu cat evolves into T.V. Cat. This game can have some really weird cats.That is why it said,”The more cats you upgrade,the weirder it looks.” As you play the game, you will unlock more and more cats, but you can get all the basic cats which don’t cost cat food to unlock like the special cats.

Cat capsules are an important part of the game because this is how you get rare, super rare, and uber rare cats. You can also get basic cats and base upgrades which upgrade your cats on base upgrades by one for free. It will cost a silver ticket for basic upgrades and gold tickets will give you rare,super rare, and uber rare cats. It will also cost 150 cat food for one and 1500 for 10 of them.

The Battle Cats is a really fun game, although it can sometimes be really weird. I would rate this game a 9.5/10. This game didn’t get a 10 because it doesn’t have any multiplayer, but it still is a really good game and I suggest that you get it on ios and android. By the way, the game is free.

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