The Winter Dance

Blast to the Past Winter Dance   see dance video:Winter Dance 1

    By: B. Noor and R. Patteri, staff writers

Through funky jams and groovy moves, the Winter Dance on Friday, was an absolute success. Numerous people showed up and Mrs. Peterson’s Journalism class made quiet a profit selling snacks at the dance. Students came ready to show off their groovy moves to DJ Ozzie’s astounding blend of music. In order to enhance the unique theme of Blast to the Past, students wore diverse clothing to represent their favorite time period ranging from the 60’s to the 80’s. Some students dressed like greasers, disco divas, and some as 80’s culture club children.

Towards the middle of the dance, they held various dance contests. This was the perfect chance to show of your brilliant dance routines. Congratulations to Sarah Vargas and Rashon Rodriguez for winning the Twist. You did a superior job! Also to Sabrina Bradford and Del Tanino for the Limbo, a classic contest, and to Konami Masui and Jacob Skylar for winning the Ultimate Dance- Off. All of these students show cased their marvelous dance choreographies and truly created extraordinary memories for captivated students.

DJ Ozzie did a magnificent job providing riveting music to all of Magruder’s astonishing dancers. With a distinctive mix of strobe lights, smoke, multi- colored lights, and many more eye catching effects DJ Ozzie was able to create an amusing disco environment. His music truly gave the dance the perfect touch.

In all, the Winter Dance was an immense turnout. It was evident that everyone was tremendously satisfied with the marvelous dance. Irene stated, “The music was great, and we had a lots of fun”. Everyone was dancing their heart out in the cafeteria and were truly delighted of the joyous journey of Blast to the Past.  Alina states, “It was fun, cool, and extremely exciting.” In order to improve the splendid Blast to the Past theme DJ Ozzie mixed many classic favorites and won everyone’s heart. Angelina states, “I loved the unique mix of music and the vivid strobe lights during Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”.”

This miraculous dance was only possible through numerous hours of persistent determination set by Ms. Levy, Mr. Rasmussen and diligent members of the student council. We should give them big thanks for implying a decisive work ethic in order to create such joyous memories for all of Magruder’s outstanding students.


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