Pokemon Shuffle Review

Pokemon Shuffle Review

by Dustyn Casas; staff writer

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Have you ever wanted a freemium Pokemon game to play on your 3DS? No? Well, you are getting it anyway! Pokemon Shuffle is exactly what you think it is, which is Candy Crush with elements of Pokemon. Plenty of Pokemon fans and Nintendo fans in general were outraged because of the creation of such a game. However, I was not one of those people who complained to others about Pokemon Shuffle. In fact, quite a few people were open to the idea of a Pokemon game with in-game purchases. Now that the game has been out for a few weeks, we have to ask the question: is Pokemon Shuffle the nightmares we had or the dreams that came true?

Casas Game Review  If you have been living under a rock for the past years and never touched an iOS or Android device, the onslaught of freemium puzzle games probably mysteriously passed by you. Basically, you match three icons of something to achieve a certain goal, like getting a certain amount of points, to beat a level. However, you have energy or lives that you lose every time you begin a level, whether you win or not, which is where the ¨mium¨ in freemium comes in. You could buy lives for a dollar or two to continue playing or simply wait, but who can be patient and do something else with their life if you have green to spend?!

Pokemon Shuffle works in a horrifically similar way as any other freemium puzzle game. You match three Pokemon to defeat a Pokemon. Simple. However, you can also capture Pokemon and use them when you start a level. You can even level up Pokemon and Mega Evolve them in battle using stones that you receive from time to time, which allows for more powerful hits and combos. You can even check in later in the game when you can play special, limited-time stages to catch rare Pokemon, like Mew, or check out the expert stages to catch strong Pokemon like Lucario. There’s plenty of aspects of Pokemon Shuffle to distinguish itself from other puzzle apps!

Of course, you have five hearts to start out with that refills every thirty minutes (which technically means that you have five hearts again after two hours and thirty minutes). You can buy hearts and coins using jewels, which you can buy using MONEY, which is probably the game’s biggest drawback. The game is so much fun, especially when you evolve your Pokemon, but I dont want to spend any money. The use of in-game purchases is lazy, ruining the fun you’ve come to have with the past five hearts!

Pokemon Shuffle is truly a trail mix. You have the sweet stuff, like candy and yogurt chips, but as soon as you finish those delights, you’re stuck with raisins and nuts. People have different opinions over raisins and nuts, but I happen to be one who likes the raisins and nuts, and the same goes for this game. Pokemon Shuffle might include the laziest uses of in-game purchases in gaming history, but that doesn’t stop the game from being the perfect match.


Final Score: 7.5/10



Good use to Pokemon mechanics

Expert and special stages

Fun factor up to eleven while it lasts



In-game purchases

Heart meter

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