Model United Nations Field Trip

Model UN Field Trip

By: Carly P. and Hong-Tran D., Staff Writers


Hallo! Ni hao ma! Holla! Annyeong! If this wasn’t your country’s language then Hello! And welcome to the 14th annual year of MUN. This year was the very first for Magruder Middle School. On March 13th through March 15th. A total of 3 people from Magruder Middle School went on this trip. Carly P., Annie C., and Saffron M. The trip started at 12:30 PM, and we arrived at 6:00 PM and checked in from 5:00- 8:00.

The opening session officially started at 8:30. There, we listened to our host Zeke S. doing a country roll call and MUN pledge. After that we were dismissed. We had a short delegation meeting for students to check in with their advisers while they discuss plans for the next 2 days. At 10:00 PM, we prepared for bed at the barracks. By 10:30 PM, it was lights out for us.

DSCN3945On Saturday, March 14th,we were expected to wake up at 7:00 AM and have breakfast at 7:45. They served us whole grain waffles, strawberries, syrup, butter, yogurt, cereal, and juice. At 8:00 AM, a meeting for the representatives was put up. We had a total of four training sessions on teamwork activity, public speaking, and critical thinking in the gym, rooms upstairs, downstairs, and outside on the field. Each training session lasted about 50 minutes. We stopped at training session three to have lunch, which lasted for about 50 minutes. Our training sessions continued on.

By 3:00, we had a cookie break, or snack if you want to call it. Cookie break was in the gym for 20 minutes. Our activities continued on after the cookie break. At 4:45, we were expected to attend a mandatory MUN Q & A meeting until 5:25 PM. By 5:30, dinner was served. Other activities we did were dances and fun games. We had another short meeting at 9:00 PM and prepared for bed at 10:00 and lights were out at 10:30.

Sunday, March 15th. The last day of the trip. As usual, we woke up at 7:00 AM and participated in a morning activity in the gym. Breakfast was served at 7:45 and at 10:30, we had a closing session for about an hour. At 11:15, we had a camp clean-up and checked out of the place. We went on the bus by 12:30 PM and drove home safely.
Overall this was a really nice experience that Model UN made possible for us. Thank you to the YMCA organization for providing our camp barracks and putting up fun activities during this exciting trip.

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