Biggest Fool Today

Biggest Fool Today

By: Joy M.; staff writer

Matthias April Fools DayMy name is Juliet and I’m 14, I always hated April Fool’s Day because my big brother Peter is the “master of pranks.” Peter is 16 and no matter how hard I try to resist his knowledge of pranking he always makes a fool of me. Today is March 25th; I only have 4 more days to find a good prank for him. What he did to me was unforgivable! I was talking to my friend, Elizabeth about my crush at our school named Trevor and Peter overheard me! Trevor and I are good friends.  We were walking together to 3rd period while Peter was behind us with his friends Thomas, Jeffrey, and Michael.


Suddenly Peter said, “Oh, Juliet how’s Romero doing? You guys in love yet?”  I was utterly embarrassed and I ran to my next class. I played sick and didn’t come to school for two days because of it. That’s a long time for me because I never missed a day of school in my life!

Eventually it was March 27th and I woke up to “Juliet Get Up!” Mom said. Dad was already at work. I feel bad for him because he always goes to work at 3 and comes home at 5, all week! Later, mom shouted, “GET UP JULIET!  School is starting in 10 minutes, you never were late to school. Don’t start now!”

I didn’t make any contact with Peter for two days and to tell you the truth I WON’T! I threw the sheets off me and said to mom, “OK! I‘M UP!” I made my bed and as always mom has my breakfast for me – pancakes and eggs.

When she found out what Peter did, Mom said, “Go Peter, I’m not giving you breakfast! HURRY UP! You’ll be late.”  He argued, but we all know no one can win an argument with mom because she’s a lawyer. I took a shower, got dressed, brushed my teeth, had breakfast and ran off. I went to school but as I walked I couldn’t see Trevor anywhere!

Elizabeth said, “He’s in detention.” I was relieved. I walked over to him as he got out and as I looked at him my heart started racing.

Trevor said, “Hey can we stay… friends?” I nodded my head and said, “Yeah, sure.” As time passed it was 5th period and I went to Peter and said¨ YOU RUINED MY LIFE!

He said he was sorry but I didn’t believe him. He tricked me many times before, so this wasn’t the first time.  When I got home I went on my computer and looked up pranks for April Fool’s Day. When I saw how to use glue for pranking! I was extremely happy and I put glue on Peter’s shoes.  He only had one decent pair of shoes for school and so he had to go to school in his rabbit slip-ons! Since Peter was the cool kid, it was complete embarrassment for him.


I told my brother Happy April Fool’s Day, and he laughed.  I was a bit surprised with his reaction! Dad just got home and Mom was here waiting. We all went on the couch and started to watch our favorite movie together and had hot cocoa and some popcorn. So, I forgave Peter even though he humiliated me, and we considered things even. Now we get along pretty well. I was a fool to embarrass him and I learned my lesson and we will never prank each other ever again, (until next April Fool’s day).

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