College Week

College Week

By: Joy M. and Jenny C., Staff writers


Did you like college week? It was incredible! We had a ton of fun! Mrs. Barker and the college and career students prepared college week. It was delightful to see the College Week athletes from California State University Dominguez Hills and from El Camino College.

Monday :

The morning started with the Wildcats fight song,from the University of Arizona. 4th period’s college trivia was to name 3 community classes, such as Long Beach City College, El Camino, and Coastline Community College, to name the three math classes you must take in order to be in college, which are Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II, and what degree from a community college would you get after you complete 2 years, which was an Associates or AA degree.

DSC_0580The lunch activity was the all and mighty “Balloon Stomp”, held at the basketball courts. Students would have a balloon on a string tied to their ankles, and they got a certain color. This year, there was yellow, blue, red, and green balloons, and all of the participants would stomp out their rival school’s balloon color. It was quite a game and the students loved it!

Tuesday :

Did you guess right? The morning fight song was from the Gophers, from the University of Minnesota. 4th period’s college trivia was all about the Ivy League. The first question was to name three Ivy League Schools, such as Princeton, Harvard, and Yale. The next question asked was what does Ivy League stand for, which is an athletic conference in the Northern United States, although the now Ivy League also has another definition as prestigious, highly selective schools. The 3rd question for the day was how many Ivy Leagues were there in total, which was 8.

DSCN4125Tuesday’s lunch activity was the “Race to College Relay”, held at the field. Students were in a relay to pass down skittles to each other the fastest, trying to not drop any of the skittles. Students enjoyed the entire game, especially when they got to eat the skittles! There was also a Parent Night that day to know about college, due to the name, “College Knowledge Night”.

Wednesday :

Wednesday’s morning fight song was from the Blue Devils, from Duke University. The 4th period trivia was starring Cal State schools! Question one asked to named 4 Cal State Schools, such as Dominguez Hills, Long Beach, Los Angeles, and San Diego. The 2nd and last question asked for the amount of Cal State school total, which was 24 schools.

DSCN1124“Bobbing for Donuts” was the star event during lunch that day, which was held at the field. Students got to compete and bob for powdered donuts, enjoying not just the donuts, but also all dunn that they obtained.

Thursday :

Thursday kicked off with the students  listening to the Bruins fight song, from UCLA. The 4th period trivia was all about trade schools. Number 1 asked for 3 different trade schools, such as ITT, FIDM, and Devry. Number 2 asked for the students to say what ITT stands for in ITT tech, which is International telephone and Telegraph, not Institute of Technical Technology. Number 3 asked for the amount of years it generally takes to graduate from trade school, which was 2 years.

DSC_0812The lunch activity starred the College Students that day, held at the field and black top. College students and Magruder Students got a chance to play against each other and the middle schoolers got to understand how it felt like to play against actual college students.

Friday :

Friday’s fight song was from the all mighty Trojans from USC. the 4th period questions ending up being all about financial aid! the first question asked for students to name the form you need to complete to qualify for financial aid, which was called FAFSA. The second question was what was the difference between a scholarship/grant and a loan, and if you guessed right, it was that scholarships and grants you would not have to pay back. The last and final question for the year asked for the students to pick if a public college tuition costed more or if it was more costed for a private college, and the correct answer was private college!

DSC_0977The final activity during lunch was again Magruder students and College students playing against each other. As that happened, students signed their names to the banner, promising to attend college!

On Friday, the raffle winners were announced and so was the door winnners. How would you get raffle tickets you ask? If DSC_0014you did any of these things, you had a chance to get a raffle ticket, such as :

  • wearing college gear (college shirts)
  • attending the lunch activities
  • answering a trivia question right

Congrats to all who won the raffle and the teachers who won the door!

We hope you thought college week was as enjoyable as we thought.We hope it made you think of your future and what college you want to go to after high school. The best thing you should do is thank Mrs.Barker and the College and Career students for what making COLLEGE WEEK.

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