Gate Activity: Gyroscope

GATE Activity: Gyroscope

By. James S., Staff Writer



Did you experience the gyroscope at the latest GATE activity? Just in case you forgot about the wonderful experience, here is how it all went down (But it’s levels of fun went up by a mile or so).


Did you ever wonder, “What makes my DSC_0692phone respond to rotation?” Or, “Why does my spinning top always stay balanced when I spin it.”

“Then he puzzled, and puzzled, ‘till his puzzler was sore. Then, he thought of something he hadn’t before.” Maybe these objects, aren’t made by a store. Maybe, perhaps, they are a little bit more. Scientists.

DSC_0703Back in ancient times, man created spinning tops. Okay, maybe these artifacts aren’t so great to us, but at the time, these were pretty advanced devices. People wondered how these tops stayed so balanced as they spun around their old fashioned wooden tables.

In modern times, we use gyroscopes in our daily life,(even if we have never noticed). DSCN4286Gyroscopes are in airplanes, smart phones, most telescopes, and even in some cars. I have never gone a single 23 hours, 57 minutes (a day) without using a gyroscope myself. “They are everywhere. EVERWHERE!”


How it all went down: At exactly 3:00:12:59, the first student entered the DSC_0701cafeteria/auditorium. Mrs. Fisher had prepared a presentation and lesson for us. A few minutes later, we were all ready. Our hands folded in our laps, paying attention to every little detail we were told. At least I hope all of us did. If you are reading this, and you were not, you know who you are.

After the extraordinary video, (And by that I don’t mean extra-ordinary, I mean really cool) we all walked over to the tables where the Gyrobots were calling out, “Build me. I want to be mobile again.” We all felt bad for these poor robots, so we did them a favor, by building them. Poor robots. But these were no ordinary robots. They were Gyrobots. With their built-in gyroscopes, they could stay balanced even on a string. What is this witchcraft and, or wizardry? “Your a wizard Harry.” I knew it. We are all wizards (of science). The robots we made were so lovable, it made our hearts glow about a bright a Frodo’s sword after an ork attack. This is just the beginning of a bright and enlightened future for us young ones. “Knowledge is power.” says Jordan Greene.


In Conclusion: We are so lucky to be taught the knowledge we have gained from this Gate activity. One day, these skills will come in handy. But what will we learn next?

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