Spring Concert at the Armstrong Theater

The 2015 Spring Concert

By : Jenny C. and Sunbo A., Staff Writers


This week our Magruder Band surprised the audience with a beautiful burst of music. They recently performed at the Armstrong Theater on April 21, 2015, from 7:00 to 8:30. From the amazing comeback of the Steel Drum Band to the amazing songs chorus has played, the concert was a great hit! Mr. Porush has done it again, and has done a great job as the Magruder music teacher by teaching students all of the songs played at this performance.

DSC_0144          The concert kicked off with the Steel Band, coming out and performing for the first time in 7 years! Boy, was their comeback great. The Steel Band played Sunset, Suzie, and Musical Grape Juice, originally named Musical Wine, but had the song name changed. Next was the Magruder PTSA scholarships, where the PTSA gave 2 seniors each a $750 scholarship, helping them get to their dream college

Afterward, Chorus came out to sing, and they sounded amazing! They started by warmingDSC_0135 up for a moment, and then sang the Solfege Song, This Land is Your Land, Hitori, Come Follow Me, Breaking Free, Vegetables, and Bridge over Troubled Water.

Mr. Porush dedicated The Vegetable Song to Justin Toyosato, a Mustang who was in chorus for a solid three years, and was planning to go to Julliard Music School in New York City, but had recently passed away.

Intermission kicked in after the Chorus’s stellar performance, selling snacks to the hungry crowd.

The last group performing was the Band, and wow, they sure did end the concert with a splash! Band started DSCN4618playing Montego Bay, Trumpet Voluntary, Ming Court Medley, Partner Songs, Let’s Take a Break, the Funky Turtle, Folk Song and Dance, and Westwind Overture!

Overall, the Spring Concert was an ultimate success. All of the different categories in this concert were great. Many of us enjoyed this concert and had a great time listening to the great instruments that were played and the DSCN4219songs that were presented to us.















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