First Annual Air Race

First Annual Air Race

By: Dustyn C. and Joy M.; Staff Writers


If weren’t you at the Air Race, you missed out on something great! The Air Race was a competition all about your skills as a paper plane flyer set on Friday, April 17. The Air Race took place in the cafeteria at lunch. Plenty of students entered and participated in the Air Race with their own homemade paper airplanes, enthusiastic for the event.

DSCN1242How the Air Race works is that there are 30 teams striving to be the first, but only one team can make it! Each team has two chances to fly a plane and remain in the game, but the lowest scoring team is disqualified. This process of elimination will continue until there are 10 teams left, in which those teams will fly a plane again. The last team standing out of the rest of the 10 is the winner. The winning team would receive a special lunch in the cafeteria with paper DSCN4427plane video games to play while they eat!

Thriving with pure energy and excitement, each team eagerly prepared their planes to the utmost quality. Folding with precision and beyond adequate detail, each plane was made to perfection, but only some made it to the finals. The teams had to stay behind a line that their arms and feet couldn’t pass and if they passed it they would be disqualified out of the race. Several students watched from a distance, witnessing the paper planes flight take place for the first time. Their eyes wide, their voices loud, and their anticipation high until the final round.

DSCN4487Then ten teams were left, each having only one chance to fly again and reign supreme. Each one of the last teams standing were nervous, but determined nonetheless to come out victorious! Each team also wanted that free lunch, but that isn’t important. As each paper plane flew for the last time, the audience stared in awe. The tension was high and feet were stomped in fury, but the choice was made, and the team, “The Rocket Boosters”, came out as the winners of DSCN1229Magruder’s First Annual Air Race!

Once the Air Race concluded, all of the students left the cafeteria to all have a unique opportunity to win something big! A plentiful amount of students walked to one side of the stage area and Mr. Scheck went to the other. If a student would’ve been able to hit Mr. Scheck with a paper plane, then they would a lunch line pass for the rest of the year! Sadly, no one was able to hit him, DSCN4500but all of the students had loads of fun trying.

As a final point, the Air Race was a total success for the first time ever and will most likely happen next year. It was an outstanding experience and if you weren’t there you missed out on an amazing time!

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