Insurgent Movie Review

Insurgent Review

By Alyssa M., staff writer










The long awaited part two of the thrilling Divergent series has finally arrived! Insurgent just came out a few weeks ago. On the first movie we left off on Tris (played by Shailene Woodley) leaving her abnegation with Four, also known as Tobias (played by Theo James).


Tris and Four are on the run they are being hunted down by Jeanine the power hungry leader of the Erudite. As we found out in the previous movie Tris is divergent, which makes her a target for Jeanine. Tris and four are on the search for allies. They must find out what Tris’ family knows in order to find out why they are such a major target for the Erudite. Tris and Four are on the search for answers. They’re on the hunt for answers about the past. The movie first starts off with tris and her group of friends trying to find a place to hide.


The movie starts off with Tris doing something that shocked most people, which was cutting her hair. The reason why Tris cut her hair was because she wanted to be bold and daring, which may also be considered as Dauntless. As her group of friends hide out they get a few unexpected visits from the Erudites. Through all of these unexpected visits Tris and Four always find a way to escape. They eventually go to factionless-ville. There they meet a few unexpected guest, which will lead to some clues as to how the past was.


This movie was a great action packed thriller. I personally loved this movies I would give it a nine out of ten. Every minute was filled with action and adventure. This was a great second part to the divergent trilogy and I’m definitely looking forward to the third and final part.


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