Apple Watch Sport V.S. Samsung Gear 2

Boxing Match of the Decade: Apple Watch Sport  V.S. Samsung Gear 2


By:Cameron J., staff writer

Jones watch

Apple Watch



JonesSamsung Watch

Gear 2 Samsung Watch






Welcome everybody to today’s match. In the right corner we have the Gear 2 Watch by Samsung. In the left corner we have the Apple Watch. Round 1. The Gear 2 has a 1.63-inch Super Amoled display while the Apple watch has a 38mm case or a 48mm case so the Apple watch will win this round. 0-1. The Gear 2 has a 2-3 day life time fully charge. What’s sad is that the Apple watch can only last 18 hours on a single charge. Now the score is 1-1. Network speed is very important to some of us so the Gear 2 has a data speed of 1.0GHz and the Apple Watch has a 2.4GHz data speed. So the Apple Watch wins this time, 1-2.

Both devices are waterproof and have a heart sensor so they will both get 2 points, 3-4. At this point both of the watches have the same feature. But the Gear 2 has two features that the Apple Watch can’t compete with. The Gear 2 has a front camera on it, so you can take all the selfies you need; and it has a feature that works with your T.V. and therefore lets you change the channel, turns the T.V. off, change the volume, and it also has a mute button. So it will get 2 points. Now the final score is 5-4. So the Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 is the winner of this brawl!


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