8th Grade Survival Guide

8th Grade Survival Guide

By: Amber J. and Cameron J., staff writers

Cameron and Jordan

This is a top 5 things that you need to know if  you’re going to a  new grade level.

#1-DO NOT USE YOUR PHONE IN CLASS.Well, people do this anyways.I can tell you that if you do you’re going to get caught at some point.So just dont do it.

#2-PAY ATTENTION IN CLASS.You should be doing that anyways but if you dont you going to miss important stuff in class.Like knowing when your project is due..

#3-TURN YOUR WORK IN ON TIME.Also don’t do it at the last minute.Just do as much as you can when you have the supplies to do it.If you don’t turn in your homework your grade will go down. So when you’re at home on Tumblr or Instagram don’t think, “Oh I can just do it in the morning or before class “, because your not, trust me, been there, done that way too many times.

#4- TRY AND MAKE NEW FRIENDS.Yeah you and your friends have been together for who knows how long but try and be social and befriend some new people. Be nice don’t be mean or rude. Even though some people are incredibly mean or rude just block them out.

#5- TRY AND AVOID DRAMA. Even though this is unavoidable try and avoid it as much as possible. It hurts friendships, and people.  Now lift up your chin and dont be so scared of being in 8th grade, it might be the most fun you have in school.

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