April First

April First Poem

By Lylianna L. and Asia A.; Staff Writers


The day of tricks is upon us.

The day that friends will play pranks on other friends for small laughs

This is the day of tricksters

They hide behind fake identities so they can join the fun

Dear tricksters, how is it that you have fooled so many?

How is it that you can make us relive the same moment forever?

Why must you torment us so?

This day is for tricks. Not for guilt and regret by plaguing us with what we’ve done.

But who will save us all from our own guilt?

We all must realize that the tricksters

are just a figment of our imagination.

They are inside us, eating away our happiness

and replacing it with sadness

We must realize

We are the tricksters

we are doing this to ourselves.

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