6th Grade Field Trip

6th Grade Field Trip

By: Jordan N. & Eric G.; staff writers


After all the months of saving money from selling random food from catalogues for the PTSA fundraisers, selling raffle tickets, and other money selling things, we finally had enough for every grade to have a field trip. It was time for the sixth grade field trip. The sixth graders went to the Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit in the California Science Center. There, kids learned about ancient IMG_7734pieces of text discovered from caves in Israel. The kids had a fun time of learning and looking at ancient discoveries.

When the 8:05 bell rang, all of the 6th graders went to their 2nd period classes. After that, they rushed onto the bus. They were very excited that they get to see ancient artifacts that gave much-needed info for archaeologists who study that area. When we arrived, we had to wait in a line until 10:00. Once 10:00 came, we rushed inside. We split up in our already created groups. All groups had different viewing times, so we explored the museum while we waited.

At the start, there was a small presentation talking about the legends of the pots and how they describe Jerusalem. After that we went to see different artifacts like pots, masks, and texts written on clay tablets. Lastly, we watched a 3D movie that explained how Jerusalem was related to three different cultures.   It made you think about being a treasure hunter or an “Indiana Jones” type, looking for ancient artifacts. We left with a bit of understanding that we are only a small a part of the long story in history.






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