Earth Week

Earth Week

By: Sunbo A., Staff Writer


This week the whole school participated in a lot of earthly activities. Earth week was a blast, and to think it was all organized by one person.  Ms. Borowski worked very hard to plan this Earth week for all of us. We had many great activities and contests that really put the spirit in Earth Week. These activities helped us learn the importance of being green and keeping our home clean.

We started off with a great kickstart on Monday, there was an repurpose/ reuse art contest. This contest included a lot of reusable trash. Lets just say there were lots DSCN4077of great inventions , that competed in this competition. Some of the winners were Desiree Rodriguez, Desiree Romero, and much more people. These people created lots of fun and cool things with the little pieces of trash they had.Some of the trash used in this contest were our everyday food trays, straws, tape, trash bags, tissue, spare paper, and much more.

On Tuesday there was an exciting trash toss game that occurred.



The way this game worked was really simple. There were three main items. The cartons used to throw, the recycling bins to toss the cartons in, and the rotating red bins to make the game harder. Prizes included stickers, pens, poppy seeds, and more.Lots of people helped out with this activity.  Tuesday was great, but the fun did not stop there.



DSCN4677On Wednesday there was a huge pledge mural, that many people signed. On the mural you would put what change you would make to help the earth and write it down. Once you have sealed this pledge you would receive and earth day bracelet. Many people pledged to different things.

Thursday, was one of the best ideas yet. Everyone got to participate in a fun exercise DSCN4694called Plant the DSCN3502Seedling.The first step you went through was grabbing a bottle. Then you would get some dirt and pick your seed. Once you had all of your supplies you would begin putting the dirt into you cut open water bottle. Then apply the seed of your choice.When everything is done you would add a little water, then cover it up. The fun thing about this was that you got to take your seedling home.As you watched it grow , people would go on there social media and post there seedling with the hashtag watch it grow.


DSCN4687The last day of our earth week was an very efficient idea. It was water bottle bowling. The objective was to hit the sand filled bottles with an volley ball. Lots of people participated, it was a success.

Overall Earth Week was great and really taught us the meaning of taking care our home. All the activities we played were awesome and very rewarding. We owe a big thanks to Mrs. Borowski and all of the helpers that helped with cleaning and setting up the great things we got to do. Our school is really looking forward to doing this again next year.







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