Happy Mother’s Day For An Unfortunate Jack

A Happy Mother’s Day For An Unfortunate Jack

By : Jenny C. and Joy M., Staff Writers

I love you mom

I wake up, blinded by the sun. What time is it, I ask myself. 5:30. Time to get up Jack. As I hazardly walk around my room, blindly getting to the bathroom and stubbing my toe, I think about what I should give Meryl for her Mother’s Day present. That’s right, I call my mom Meryl since she always insists it’s more home-y sounding.

Meryl always gave me the perfect presents; like on my 10th birthday, she got me the x-box. It’s like she had telekinesis or something, I swear. I throw on a shirt, jeans, and socks as I walk downstairs to start on homework.

Hm… Should I get her a foot massage machine? She always said she wanted one. Nah. Too old for her. Maybe a gift card to some shop. She has plenty of those already though. I quickly finish all the homework, pawning over the idea of even getting her something. She always said the simplicity of getting someone a gift can make the receiver happy. Maybe she meant herself? Oh well.

I make some quick breakfast for myself while I wake up the triplets.

“Jo-Jo! Al! Peter! Wake up before I eat all the bacon in here!” Bacon is like a holy statue for my family. We love bacon. The last time there was only one, we all had to fight for the last piece. I won that piece thankfully.

“We’re coming! Geez, calm down Mr. Perfect!” Jo-Jo and Ella, short for Ellafonda ( I don’t know where that name came from ) yells out. They storm into the bathroom as I start munching on my breakfast. Thank god they don’t go to my high school. They tried to apply to the same school as me, but didn’t make it. You see, we all are 15 year olds, it’s just that my birthday was on January, while theirs was on November. Don’t ask me how my parents still have so much energy.

“I’m gonna go to school now, ok? Take good care of yourselves and make sure you don’t forget the house keys.”

“Mr.Oh-I’m-an-Alpache-High-Student-Whose-The-Best is lecturing me. Peachy.” Peter said grumpily, making a racket in the bathroom. Well, I AM an Alpache High a student; what am I supposed to say, genius, I thought, wishing I could say that.

“Ow! You are gonna pull my hair out if you braid it like that Jo-Jo!”, Ella screams, telling me to run out before anything happens.

“Okay..” How am I related to these outsiders?

I get to school and ask my friends what I should get for her.

“Ooh! I got it! Heels!” Kris exclaims, as I give her a disgusted look.

“Seriously? She already has millions of them. Even that lady from Sex in the City has less amounts of heels than she does.” I roll my eyes as I say that, since Meryl is well-known throughout town as the World’s Biggest Shopaholic.

“Sheesh, just trying to help, Mr. Know-it-all. You can never have too many heels.” Kris is just as crazy for shopping as my mom. She’s known throughout school as the “Fashion Police”, since she always tries to help people, always succeeding somehow.

“Get her a kitchen-aid mixer. I bet she would kill for that,” my friend Jake said, reading a new recipe book. He envies at the fact that my dad is a pro baker, since he wants to be one too. He always brings the best cakes and cookies ever.

“First of all, you would kill for it, not Meryl. Cooking is more of a chore to her; that’s why Alex always does the meals. She burnt sugar trying to make caramel.” Alex is my dad; he thinks that calling him by his first name will make him feel younger, even though he doesn’t need to, since he’s 33 now. He’s a professional pastry chef while Meryl is a 30 year old model who always finds a way to score my siblings and I something cool. “Second of all, we already have one. Meryl practically got her hair stuck in the paddle attachment while making cookies, just like that one girl on YouTube. Plus, I’m on a strict budget of 100 dollars.”

“That’s not a budget. That’s a freaking scholarship.” Jake, Kris, and Marlee always have a habit of making fun at the fact that $10 doesn’t mean that much to me and that I am kinda rich.

“Well, yeah, I guess, but Meryl and Alex makes a lot of money.”

“That’s true. Why don’t you follow Meryl around to see what she’s into. Just don’t look so suspicious. You always tend to stick out like a sore thumb when you try to figure out something secretly,” Marlee said. She is the school president and widely know as the perfectionist-devil, just like me, without the devil part.

“I’ll try it out. What are you guys gonna give your moms?”

“I’m gonna give my mom a huge cake, with all of her favorite flavors,” Jake said.

“My huge stuffed animal I bought at this cute boutique will by my present for her,” Kris said with sparkles in her eyes and moe flowers, those flowers you find in manga where there is too much cuteness going on, surround her.

“I made new arrangements in my garden of my mom’s favorite flowers for her,” Marlee said. Geez, I guess I’m the only one who can’t find a present for their mom.

“Well, good luck!” they exclaimed in unison, making me feel better.

I follow my mom the rest of the day after school, and I am still completely lost at what I should buy her. She was cleaning the house, like anyday.

“Hey, Meryl. Can I ask you something?” I ask, feeling so sad for having to ask this.

“Shoot it, Jack.”

“What do you want for Mother’s Day?”

“You don’t have to give me anything. Like I say, the simplicity of someone even going through the effort of getting the receiver the gift is what makes a person happy; not the gift itself. If you really wanna give me something though, why don’t you paint me something? I’ve always loved your painting.” Meryl faced me and gave me a heart-warming smile.

“Thanks Mom.”

“Hey! Don’t call me-” All of the sudden, my mom faints. Her legs crumble as if they have no bones in them and she falls backwards. A loud thump sound echoes throughout the house. My stomach suddenly fell as I started screaming for Meryl.

MERYL! MERYL, ANSWER ME! THIS CAN’T BE HAPPENING! IT’S JUST A JOKE, RIGHT? Stop pretending Meryl and wake up!” My throat tightened as I stood there, motionless and frozen. “P-p-please… Wake up…” Tears burst out and I crouch next to my mom, holding her hand. This can’t be happening. She never has been sick or been injured before. She’s probably just tired from just coming back from New York. I realize I’m lying to myself, as the tears come out faster.


“What happened? Why are you crying? Did you… MERYL!” Peter screams. “Why… Why is she on the ground?”

“I just don’t know. She fainted all of the sudden.” The tears slow down and I close my eyes.

“I call 9-1-1. Stay with her and call everyone.” Peter ran to the phone and called 9-1-1 as I called the family. They all reached the fastest they could, and we all sat in the infirmary after getting to the hospital.

“How… How can this happen?” Jo-Jo said quietly. I look around and see everyone, including myself, in tears.

“Who knows. That’s what the doctors are for honey. We just have to hope. That’s all we can do. That’s what Meryl always said, right? Hope. Think about all the happy times we had with her.” Alex comforts the triplets, looking at me with tears in his eyes, and I join him for a hug.

Memories of Meryl start flooding in.

“Hope for the best and it will help.”

“Simplicity is one of the best things in life.”

“Being happy is a virtue and we must never take it for granted. That’s why we have to smile everyday.”

Everything Meryl taught us was about happiness. Simplicity. Living your life to the max. I wiped my tears and tried to smile, reminding myself of why she would do.

“Let’s smile guys. Meryl wouldn’t like us to worry about her and frown ‘cuz of her, right?”

“I guess.” they all reply, copying what I did and calming down.

“Come in please. The doctor would like to talk to you.” the nurse calmly said, having a soft smile. It comforted me and I was glad for her. She must have a hard time dealing with people and seeing this everyday.

We walk in, and as we do, we see Meryl and rush towards her.

“Hi. I’m doctor Miyamura, and I have evaluated what you mother has.” Everyone starts talking all at once as my dad calms them down.

“Doctor, what happened to her?”

“I have bad news and good news.”

“She had a stroke; a quite a harsh one in fact. Luckily, you brought her in early. If not treated, she would have died. We’ll be able to treat her. That’s the good news.Sadly though, Meryl has a 20% chance of survival, due to her being so weak. The treatment for her might damage, even destroy her brain.”

We all take this in and a silence fills up the room. The doctor leaves as he assures us that he will try his best to get her to recover. We all talk to her, tearing up a bit, but smiling like she would like us to. We all go home and start working on our presents for her. It calmed us all, making them as our tokens of appreciation to her; a get well present. Everyone poured their hearts and souls into the presents, knowing this might be the last for her.

A week later, I wake up and get ready. Everyone gave their present on Mother’s Day, the day she woke up, everyone hugged her and gave her presents, but she went back to sleep after an hour.

The art piece was one of the best I’ve made so far. I made a painting :

The painting was a green, forest landscape with a blue sea. The sun shined over, giving everything a glimmer of hope. The glimmer of hope for her to live. Birds soared over, and a little girl was running through a field of flowers.

All of the paintings resembled Meryl to me; I wanted to show her how she affected this world.

“Meryl. I hope you live. I truly do.” I see her eyes opening as she looks at my art works.

“Oh Jack, this are beautiful.” Meryl starting crying and I joined her. I was truly happy to be able to just spend time with my mom.

A few weeks later, we brought Meryl back from the hospital! The doctor said he treated her enough that she is fine to go home, just be careful the first few weeks.

Man, I’m so happy that my mom is back!




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