Top Ten Things to get for Mother’s Day

Top Ten Things to get for Mother’s Day

By:  Jordan N. and Haskell M., Staff Writers

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  1. Flowers, a very nice original gift, that your mom will love. Recommended to have a vase with it.


2.  Candy, maybe a chocolate bar for the sweet tooth, or a Reese’s peanut butter cup. Also chocolate heart boxes filled with delicious chocolates, and would make a great gift.

3. New kitchenware, anything to help improve the kitchen will gladly be accepted by moms.


  1. A nice book, moms also like to read, so go ahead and grab a good book.


5. For a fifth idea, why not make a card. Home made items come straight from the heart.


6. Accessories will be a perfect gift. Shoes, sunglasses, lotion, and jewelry are some recommendations to make sure your mom looks great.


7. A nice messuage will do the trick. Moms need a break once in awhile from all that cleaning, so why not give her a nice messuage. It also reduces stress and pain.


8. Why not take your mom to a nice fancy dinner? Or end the day  with a homemade dinner!

9. Make a coupon book of  chores you promise to do for your mother. You should help out around the house.

10. Lastly, you should just spend time with your mom. She does a lot for you, so you need to remember the times you spend together.

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