Blue Ribbon Week Honors Torrance Police

Blue Ribbon Week

By: Sunbo A. and Joy M., Staff Writers




Magruder says thank you to our Torrance Police Officers!  We celebrated Blue Ribbon week , and joined schools across the United States during National Police Week (May 10-16), also known as “Blue Ribbon Week,”  to honor and remember those law enforcement officers who made the ultimate sacrifice.

Wednesday was a real success. On this day the Torrance Police Crew came and informed us about their everyday lives as cops. They also taught us about the different tools and weapons that they use in different situations. The police ended up at the scene through all of their huge armored cars and regular cop cars. Everyone was thrilled to see them arrive and set up all of their different stations. There were four stations that included many different informational topic.

The first station included two police dogs.  These dogs were trained to defend and help with crime scenes. While the dogs were there the police officers told us about tasks they have to do and the high level of training they go through.

DSC_0276The second station had two police officers that were explaining their weapons and tools to get the criminal to come out of the house. They had gas masks and gases that would be unbearable to face, therefore when the officers put some in a room, a person cannot help but changing their location.

DSC_0308The third station had the police cars. Some of them were empty and the students were enjoying going in them and taking pictures. The students really enjoyed talking to the police officers and taking pictures with them. The police told them about the weapons they use and what it is like to respond to a call.

The last station had a few officers and some motorcycles. They were joking around with the students and most of the students seemed to be having a good time.  Students had a load of questions about riding motorcycles. Most questions were answered and the officers were very willing when it came to touching the motorcycle.

Even though we didn’t have activities all week, it was really delightful to see the police officers for one day and ask them questions about their job. Some of us know the police officers by name and can say hi when we see them around Torrance.  We thank our officers in blue for their sacrifice and service.

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