Students and Government Day

Students and Government Day

By: Alyssa M. & Sunbo A., staff writers


Have you heard about Students and Government Day? “Students and Government Day was created to assist Torrance students in the 8th Grade in developing an effective civics education. Students who recognize and understand how local government works become more informed and involved citizens and voters. By participating in Students and Government Day, students learn the roles of the City Council and city staff by conducting a portion of a City Council meeting, learning the mechanics of self-governance, and participating at the local level.”


Well, in February, students had the option to write an essay based on the question given. The question was:  What can we do now and in the next few years until you are 18 to prepare yourself to be a well-informed voter and how will this preparation help your decision making? This year three students at Magruder were able to participate in Government day with seventeen other eighth graders from other Torrance middle schools. These students were Esther Cash, Ramzy Issa, and Preston Cao.

When our three students got to city hall, there were no special rules. They got an amazing tour of the Forensic Lab and Police Station.  They also got to see the shooting range and communication center.  This was a big opportunity for all them.  Later on they went to the library and got there government spots assigned.

The fascinating thing about them getting there spots was that, they actually got to tour around with the person that played there role in real life.  They got to experience how it was to have a job in the government.  Esther was actually the first female Mayor in students in government, Ramzy was Community Development Director, and Preston was the Public Works Director.  Depending on the job they had, they met certain people who worked in that field and visited different sites depending on their  jobs.  “Everyone had different schedules.” says Esther.

Since Esther was the mayor, she was able to hold many executive meetings.  Ramzy as the Community Development Director got to go to an airport and see the plane used in World War II.  Preston got to go on a tour of all the projects that are happening in the community. They all had different things to attend.

Afterwards they had a dinner buffet, which included pizza and salad.  When the time hit seven, they had a city council meeting. During this meeting they had to read scripts and play their role.  They also discussed city matters through the council.

“The whole environment was fun and upbeat and they were very nice people,” says Esther. “Very mature environment, but they added our generations twist to it.” says Ramzy.   “I would definitely recommend this to other students, and it was really fun.” says Preston. All of our fellow students loved the experience and would love for all of the future 8th graders to  participate in this once in a lifetime opportunity.



















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