Model United Nations Conference at LAX Sheraton

Model UN Trip

by: Carly P. and Hong-Tran D., Staff Writers

Carly, Annie, Saffron

Welcome back guys! Did you read about the last Model United Nations field trip? In April, Magruder’s Model UN Club had a four day field trip to the LAX Sheraton Hotel.  Carly P., Annie C., and Saffron M. attended and represented Magruder Middle School.

So what was the purpose of this trip? The purpose of this trip was to have conferences about trying to solve world problems such as water sanitation, humanitarian assistance, world hunger, foreign education, and health. MUN participants, known as delegates have orientation of the overall program, workshops that focus on culture acceptance, public speaking, role training, and leadership skills.

DSCN4709Each problem was assigned to a committee in each organ. For example there was ECOSOC (the economic and social council), GA (general assembly), IPC (international press corps), Security Council, ICJ (international court of justice), and NGO (non-government organizations).

GA is where committees discuss topics related to their committee’s focus. ECOSOC addresses matters of economic, social and humanitarian importance. ICJ settles disputes related to international law. NGO are non-profit organizations that are not affiliated with a national government, and they generally engage in working for the aid. Security council debate matters of international peace and security. ICJ settles disputes related to to international law. This is what the different committee councils were discussing.

So overall this trip was a very interesting experience. Thank you to the YMCA organization for sponsoring and making this trip possible for us. Thank you Honda for sponsoring this MUN trip. Let’s see what the next MUN trip is!

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