Memorial Day

Memorial Day

By: Alyssa M., Staff Writer


This year Memorial Day is on May 25th, and is a holiday that celebrates those who have passed away while serving their country. This holiday occurs the last Monday of May.


Memorial Day was originally known as Decoration Day, which honored those soldiers who died during the Civil War. Later on they declared the holiday should honor all who have died while fighting for their country. Some people may assume Veterans Day and Memorial Day are celebrating the same thing, but they are not. Veterans Day celebrates all U.S. military veterans. Memorial Day celebrates all who have died while serving in war. Both holidays should be celebrated equally because they both celebrate those who have made sacrifices to fight for our country.


There are several different ways to celebrate this amazing holiday. You may often see cemeteries who have decorated for Memorial Day by putting American flags around the cemetery. People usually go and place flowers and flags by graves and call relatives they haven’t talked to in a while. People also may have picnics and potlucks with their family members as well.


Memorial Day marks the beginning of summer and Labor Day marks the end of the summer. This is an amazing holiday to celebrate. By just remembering those who have served their country you are participating in this holiday. So on Memorial Day take the time to remember those who have fought and served for this country.

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