Games Review: Brave Frontier vs. Puzzle and Dragons

Brave Frontier vs. Puzzle and Dragons

By: Jordan N. and Bryan L., staff writers
brave frontier

Spark! The game Brave Frontier is a fun RPG game where you fight monsters with the ones that you get from summons against real people in the arena and the computer in quest and vortex. From a rare summon which requires gems can get you a 3 star to a 5 star. 3 star being the highest chance of getting and 4 and 5 star a somewhat lower chance of getting. An honor summon uses honor points which you get as a gift or when you fight with a friend. An honor summon mostly gives status increase for monsters or exp boosts to rise to a higher level .

In the home screen there is a quest, vortex, town,imperial capital, arena, and raid battle. In quest, you do a story and complete missions in different places. In vortex, you get evolution materials, gold, karma, and rare materials for medicine. In imperial capital, you get keys, spheres, medicine, and you get to get rare units. In town, you get medicine, music, spheres, and material. In the arena, you battle other people worldwide and see who is better. Lastly, raid battle is a battle when you reach level 100.

puzzle dragonsPuzzles and Dragons is an RPG game as well with a twist of instead of tapping like Brave Frontier you have to move around orbs for a specific element monster to attack.(You must have at least 3 orbs(up and down or side to side) to have an attack for the specific element. The monsters don’t have health one by one, but it is all combined for your health. The health orbs are are able to be combined so your health increases. They have a special move that is based on the amount of turns for it to be used.

In Puzzles and Dragons you can can only do dungeons and special dungeons. the special dungeons is like the vortex in Brave Frontier. In this game it is very hard to rank up due to the overload of exp you need and you only get little amounts of exp after the one level of the dungeon. That is the only thing you can play in Puzzles and Dragons. The thing that they have in common is that if you clear a dungeon you get a gem, you can multi summon the non rare summons, and when you level up you get an increase of monster capacity.

In my opinion, I think more people play Brave Frontier because of the activities you can play unlike Puzzles and Dragons only having dungeons. Out of my thoughts here, more people play Brave Frontier at this school than Puzzles and Dragons.

An 8th grader said, “Brave Frontier is a fun rpg game.”

This 8th grade gamer also said, “The Japanese version of Puzzles and Dragons is better than the American one and Brave Frontier copied Puzzles and Dragons”

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