Games Review: Mr. Jump vs. Geometry Dash

Mr. Jump vs. Geometry Dash

(Two Games Enter, One Game Leaves)

By Eric G. and Tony Z.; staff writers


It is time ladies and gentlemen (who are we kidding, just gentlemen) for the ultimate debate between two of the most popular jumpy games in the App Store: Mr. Jump and Geometry Dash.  Although these two apps do have some differences they are both very similar in gameplay, so it is now our job to see which one is really the best. As they said in ancient Rome (kinda), “Two games enter, one game leaves!”

geometry dash

Geometry Dash

Tony: “Geometry Dash is an addicting and fun game. There are numerous levels and none two levels are the same. If you ask me, Geometry Dash is better than Mr. Jump.”


Eric :   “Mr. Jump is more enraging than flappy bird, as addicting as Candy Crush, and as simple as Pong. Geometry Dash levels take longer than the wait before Christmas for a 6 year old when it’s only 2 am. Mr. Jump levels take less than a minute to complete if you are able to complete it.”


Tony: “However, Geometry Dash is a trial and error game that actually has a practice mode. This allows you to get better with the levels before you play them, although  a mode like this is not needed in a trial and error game, it is really useful, and yes the levels are long, but honestly I think that is what makes it fun. Longer levels mean that you can spend a lot more time beating that level, instead of beating it in less than a minute, like in Mr. Jump.”

Eric: “It takes less than a minute to beat if you do it right. Yesterday, I was in the back of a car for 2 hours and I only beat 1 level. By the way, practice mode is for wimps.”


Tony: “Fine, I guess you’re right about how long the level takes……..EXCEPT Mr. Jump is honestly kinda……… boring.  The first level of the game didn’t intrigue me as much as Geometry Dash.  Also, practice mode isn’t for wimps. You’re a wimp.”


Eric: “News flash: I DON’T CARE!!! Why would you find the exact same gameplay boring? Plus, the patterns can give a kid a seizure. “


Tony: “But I’m not a kid (well, I technically still am, but the point is, it doesn’t give me seizures). Also, speaking of graphics, Geometry Dash’s graphics are a lot better than Mr. Jump’s graphics. The graphics in Mr. Jump are kind of plain with the only cool thing being the 3-D backgrounds, meanwhile the graphics in Geometry Dash are colorful and the backgrounds look really cool.”


Eric:   “If there is such interesting graphics, it usually is a cheap way to distract a kid from the bland gameplay. Mr. Jump is minimalistic on background, which exposes more gameplay, which is good.”


Tony: ”Geometry Dash’s gameplay isn’t bland, each level feels unique and it has good music which gets you immersed in the game itself and the graphics immerse me in the game even more, it doesn’t distract from bland gameplay because the gameplay isn’t bland!”


Eric: “There are also different soundtracks, too.”


Tony:  “What a great argument…..Jk it’s not. Let’s just face it, we aren’t going to agree on anything, so let’s just give the choice to the audience on which game is better: Mr. Jump or Geometry Dash.”

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