Poem Corner

Poem Corner

By: James S. and Haskell M., Staff Writers

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Poem Corner

Have you heard? Have you seen?

The way it looks? And how it’s seems?

People have wondered how big, or small?

Is it a shopping center, or is it a mall?

            Poem Corner. So humorous and keen.

            Ready for changes, people so mean.

            Always jeering, just to rhyme.

            They’d stop for a few, for the price of a dime.

          “What is Poem Corner?” You may ask.

            No one knows, I say this the last.

            But sometimes in life, you never know?

            Your next adventure, may be brighter than snow.



            I yell some words at the top of my lungs.

            I hear them again, from the way I just sung.

            How could this be? I say to myself.

            Is there a puppet mocking me from it’s shelf?


            Or was it not real, just an error in my brain?

            Or is it that I am just insane?

            I yell so loud that my ears rip off.

            Do I hear it now? Nope. But my footsteps stop.


               Small Steps in The Puddle of Life

            My father once said, “You must go to bed,

            Or the night won’t go fast,” so I said, “I’ll pass.”

            “But what about tomorrow? Don’t you want to see it fast?”

              So he let me stay up, but only cause I said tonight,

            “Dad, Take small steps in the puddle of life.”



                       Over The Wall

            What is there, up over the wall?

            I cannot tell, I’ll wait till I’m tall.

            But for now, I’ll never know.

            “What’s over the wall?” I wonder it so.

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