Neverending Love

Neverending Love    

By: Asia A., Staff Writer


When I first met you,

All we would do is argue.

I stole your stuff, you stole mine,

But now I’m on cloud nine.


Now I can only think of you,

I know I’ll love you through and through.

You make me want to live in the moment forever and a day,

I know we’ll never stray.


Father doesn’t like the idea,

He says, “Hes not a strong character,

he can be easily influenced for good (being a little snide),

but also for bad.”  (Frank 220)

I know he’s just misunderstood,

But aren’t we all a little broken on the inside?


We walk on paths,

Filled with joy and excitement,

Entwined with abasement.

Brimming with lustrous hues,

Knowing I’ll always be in love with you.


The story of us is like a rollercoaster of emotions,

Resplendent, formidable feelings like the waves of many oceans.

But continues forever on like the universe.



I never wanted to leave you,

for I loved you and you loved me.

But fate has it ways,

and I never ever saw your sweet face.


Separated, forsaken, alone,

when will I be found?

“I am surrounded by too great a void,”

One that I cannot avoid. (Frank 55)


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